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Academic Excellence Through Hobbies Music And Arts

Academic excellence through hobbies, music and arts

Oh yes, you read the headline right; and no, the writer wasn’t high while forming it.

You must have heard the old saying: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. It’s the same with studies.

What IS studying? Absorbing knowledge and information of a specific specialty / subject.

You may have taken up STEM program in the U.S., pursuing MBA or economics in the U.K., mastering ICT in Ireland, or may be learning arts in France. Or some other course in some other country. Point is, you are in pursuit of new ‘learnings or studies’.

In order to enhance internalization of the information and knowledge – basically, your studies – creating space in your mind is really, really important.

So how does it work? And what role does art and hobbies play?

You may already know that there are more neurons in human brain than all stars and planets put together in every known galaxy. You may also know that humans use only 7% of their brain. The challenge is how to enhance its capacity and how to retain what one learns, permanently in memory.

Of course, one can’t remember everything, and hence, learning has to be ‘internalized’.

What are you fond of? Gardening, paper craft, playing with pets, writing songs, listening to music, cooking, going for walks? (No, scrolling endlessly on social media pages does not count).

What are your hobbies / passions? Indulge in them. Especially when you are studying / pursuing academics.

It is now scientifically proven by leading neurologists and behavioral scientists that doing something what one is deeply passionate about eventually enhances core subject learning.

There are no ‘thoughts’ – active or passive – when one is deeply engrossed in hobby-pursuit. This thoughtless state of ‘being in the moment’ helps the mind to rearrange other information, internalize and prioritize it.

Do you recollect those moments of pure joy and relaxation after you did something you really loved? Voila. That’s you coming out of a thoughtless state, feeling all light and rejuvenated.

Mind you, whiling the time away in guise of pursuing hobbies is not what we are recommending. Rather, we would love to see you ace in your academic pursuits as you study in one of the top international destinations.

And therefore, we suggest – be responsible, pursue your passion, enhance your learning.