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Break The Routine Eleevate Overseas

Break the routine… Take it easy and take a break

No matter how much we love doing a thing, doing too much of it could become a monotonous routine. 

Routine is fine – as long it is a practice of discipline. But when it becomes a subconscious involuntary action, it becomes unproductive. 

Take studies for example. In an aspiration to study abroad, or in pursuit of some other ambition, students often burn the midnight oil. Spend hours upon hours buried under a heap of books. 

A human brain has a certain capacity to absorb information in one go – it needs time to internalize it as memories. Some have more capacity than others. But there is a capacity. Taking a break hence, is as important as learning itself. 

This applies to everyone, even students who are studying abroad, pursuing their degree or post-degree programs. 

The weight on their shoulders is heavy. They are far away from home, their parents have invested a small fortune, and there is peer pressure. Take a break. 

A break could be a stroll, or taking a day off for a trek or even a small vacation at a nearby location. 

Students studying in Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Australia would find plenty of options for their little sojourn. 

Spend time outdoors. Refresh your mind. It is a proven fact that being out in the open relieves stress, fuels creativity, improves memory & learning, boosts motivation and improves physical health. A two-three days’ respite won’t harm. In fact, it would be an opportunity to know people and cultures, make new friends, understand a different outlook. 

When you are back at your study desk you’d be so much energized. The stress and burden would have vanished, replaced by a sense of joy and elation. You would be beaming with positivity! Don’t you want that? 

Study hard, take smart breaks!