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Care For Your Education Career And Family Eleevate Overseas

Care for your education, career and family

Birds eventually leave the nest to explore newer skies. Its in their nature. 

We humans are no different. 

You have chosen to study abroad, and would leave behind more than just your family. The years of precious memories, love, affection, care, togetherness. You would be leaving behind the very foundation of your family’s efforts. It would create a void that can’t be filled. 

But it is necessary. You are leaving for higher education. To gain knowledge and to build a successful career. Your family wouldn’t have it any other way – they want to set you on the path of your potential. But mind it! Time flies and people – we – can change. 

Three or five years of your graduation / post-graduation program would be over sooner than you expect. You will ace in your program, get a handy internship and then a lucrative job. The momentum of life would have gripped you by then. Years would fly by in the blink of an eye. 

In your fast-paced world and lifestyle, your parents would be slowly passing through the phases of their life thinking about you. Wondering if you are okay and if you miss them. If you have become a person they’d hope you to be, a person you wanted to be. 

You may not be able to do much about their void, but you can certainly make them feel loved and cherished. You can assure them that they aren’t lonely. How? 

Make use of your gadgets – the smartphone and laptop. Set a schedule for regular video calls. Share pictures of your college, campus, friends. And of all the beautiful places you would have toured. 

Send them money from your part-time work earnings. They may or may not need it, but they would love it. 

Surprise them. On their birthdays, anniversaries and other special days. Go that extra mile, send chocolates, flowers or anything else they are fond of. Let them know how dear they are to you, as you are to them. Thanks to technology you can be with them, for them even when you may not be physically around. 

Do keep your vision set on newer horizons, but don’t forget the nest you took your first flight from. Return to it when possible, and keep sending the feathers of your love, care and compassion.