Why Study in Poland?

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Why Study in Poland?

Slowly, steadily and quietly Poland has transformed itself as a one of the leading European higher education destination. Competition between the 400+ public and private Polish universities to deliver quality education is quite stiff. Outcome of this healthy rivalry has benefitted international and particularly Indian students in form of affordable top-notch higher overseas education. Even living in Poland is quite economical compared to other European countries. 

This central-European country is home Jagiellon University, one of the oldest dating back to the 14th century! Taking a cue from their heritage, the Polish universities offer quality bachelors and masters programs in the fields of engineering, architecture, physics and medicine among many others. 

Being nestled in midst of Europe, studying in Poland could be a blessing for international students who have a flair to explore. The SCHENGEN visa gives them access to travel to any of the 25 European countries. Probably this is the reason why it is often said that Poland is the European country to expand one’s horizon. 

Polish culture also helps in this outward expansion. People in Poland are friendly, welcoming and eager to share a part of their history. Their outlook towards life is characterized by extending respect, showing honesty and valuing difference of opinion. 

All in all, Poland is an ideal destination for students aspiring higher overseas education – it is affordable, affable and awesome.