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Change And Acceptance Are The Ways Of Life Eleevate Overseas

Change and acceptance are the ways of life

Change what you can. Accept what you can’t. Let go whatever happened and focus on your present actions, and the ones you want to take. 

This timeless wisdom is applicable to everyone, even you dear students. 

Is your visa for studying abroad rejected due to documentation issues? Can you re-apply within the timeframe? If yes, do it. If not, figure out other options. Crying over spilled milk won’t change a thing. 

Are you already placed in the university of your choice and the test result was not to your expectations? Can you change it? No. Then you better accept it. You know that you can do better. You have done better. That’s how you managed to fly to this country and are now studying abroad. 

Is your student accommodation not up to the mark? Would shifting incur additional expenses and losing the deposit amount? Can you afford it? Can you rather learn to develop patience and make do with what you have? If you can’t change the situation, accept it. 

Acceptance will teach you a valuable lesson about letting go. Your mind would be free from the incessant chatter. Oh why did this and how did that? You will be at peace and appreciate the “is-ness” of the situation. 

On the other hand, resisting to what is will create friction and lead to negative situations. 

Do not confuse acceptance with agreement. You can disagree on something, yet accept that it is so – that the situation is such despite your disproval of it. 

As a young person who is set on the path of potential and success, learning to accept and practicing acceptance would go a long way in your career. 

Acceptance and acknowledgement are the foundation of successful collaborations. And everything can be achieved with cooperation and collaboration. You only have to look at the examples of great people – you’ll see how strong they were in their opinions, but equally open in accepting a differing point of view. They played well with others, and won! 

You will face many testing circumstances – not just now, or for few years, but for the remainder of your life. The power of acceptance will help you ace this test and win. Always.