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Choices And Consequences

Choices and consequences

Vulnerability and higher overseas education. What do these two have in common? Sex trafficking and crime! Yes. You read that right.

Several heartbreaking stories are emerging from Canada, New Zealand among other countries, where young Indian students are lured in murky waters of prostitution and crime. Pimps and criminals are charming these young and vulnerable nubile minds with money to pay for expensive lifestyle in a foreign country. It slowly turning into a habit and compulsion.

Desperation is another reason. When students studying abroad do not find work, or are cheated by locals with promises of a career – only to lose their precious money – are often willing to go to any lengths to make it even. Consequences of indulging in criminal activities is beyond reason then. Lives of so many bright minds with a promising future are at risk.

How can this be avoided? What can students pursuing higher overseas education do to keep such mischievous people at length?

Remember your roots. Your family. Your culture. The pride in your parent’s eyes and the tears they shed bidding you goodbye at the airport. Was it for nothing?

Remind yourself of your aspirations, ambitions – the promise you made to yourself. To take your life and your decisions into your own hands. To be the high-flying executive, to be a global citizen. To be a startup that sets an example. Remember your dreams.

Be honest to yourself. Did you choose to study abroad to experience a lifestyle? Or to make a life?

Surround yourself with positive people. There is plenty to learn and to experience in a foreign land. Visit landmarks, cultural spots, libraries. Write a diary. Get involved in a hobby or develop one.

Most importantly, stay away from murky and criminal characters. You are smart enough to identify them from a mile away. And if you find yourself or a friend getting sucked into some undesirable situation, snap out of it. Immediately. Or talk to cops / local authorities. Don’t be scared.

Remember. Your choices will have consequences.


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