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Dear Dairy Yours Truly Eleevate Overseas

Dear diary. Yours truly…

Memories. They have a life of their own. Some are bitter, some sweet. Every one of them etched in the echoes of time. 

It is totally up to us whether or not to create memories as we go about with our life. Yes, let us share how. 

As a student who is preparing to study abroad, you would have a lot of questions. You’d be experiencing what is popularly known as ‘excitement of the unknown’. The choice of your graduation program, the experiences of the campus, the feel of chosen country for overseas education. How would it all pan out? 

Well, create a digital memoir of sorts – a digital diary. 

Record videos or voice notes about how you are feeling. If you are traveling to the U.K. or Canada for example – record what you think you could expect there. What would the sky look like, the ambience of locality, streets, shops, people and country. Be candid. These dialogues are for your eyes and ears only. 

Capture the moments with your family, neighbors and friends as well. These would be your most precious belongings when you are in a foreign land. They would remind you of what you have left behind and what lies ahead of you. 

Do you have pets? Or are you taking care of stray animals? Take their pictures and videos as you bid them goodbye. Thank them for allowing you to express love and care. 

Take selfies with your folks at the airport and when you land at your destination country. Continue with ‘capturing time in your phone’ exercise. 

The years will pass by but these memories would stay. 

When you are a successful professional or a hot-shot startup, when you are getting knocked down and getting up again – revisit these memories. Play them on your phone or your laptop or smart TV. It will transport you to the momentous past, it will refresh you. 

But hey. You have to save these moments. Don’t forget to take backup of these pictures, voice notes and videos. It’s a digital diary after all. 

And it truly is yours to cherish.