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Diy Life Hacks For Jills And Jacks

DIY life hacks for Jills and Jacks

What’s up lads and lassies, daddies and mommies. Fancy getting your hands dirty? Figuratively and literally? It could be immensely satisfying, you know.

As Indians, we are culturally and habitually inclined to call the ‘expert’ of a craft / service / utility when needed. Of course, it makes sense and they are required in many instances. But not all.

Call the plumber for a leaking faucet. Door knob acting like a noob – carpenter is on the way. Patchy wall requires a fresh life, here comes the painter. Kids’ room needs a makeover, pay a handsome fee to interior designer. Why?

Some minor work, such as the ones listed above, can be easily done by… our very two hands. It better be if you are an international student, studying and living in U.K., U.S., Canada, Ireland, Australia.

Do you know that cost of utility services such as plumbing, carpentry, small repair work is more expensive in these countries than the utility object? A minor plumbing and / or hammering of a few nails could easily devour up to a third of your monthly student accommodation cost. No, we are not kidding.

Head on to YouTube. You’d find many savvy utility experts showing you how to fix the plumbing or door knob or such.

To the moms and dads whose wards are off to top overseas education destination in pursuit of academic excellence, it is the perfect time to plan a surprise transformation of your child’s room. There are plenty of crafty artists and architects on social medias, sharing a range of innovative ideas for such makeovers.

Add your own magical touch to it, draw out the cute tee-shirt or sock from your child’s kindergarten days and frame it on the wall. Why would you want to spend a few thousands for someone to bring your idea to life?

Saving a few dollars / pounds / euros / rupees is the obvious benefit of such indulgence. Knowing that you can fix / repair / remodel, a talent you never explored or did not get a chance to, is a satisfaction like no other.

Creating or reviving something is a special feeling after all, isn’t it?