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Dear Parents Eleevate Overseas

Hello parents. Time to live your dreams.

Dear Parents. 

Has your ward chosen to study abroad or is already studying abroad? It must have been both, a terrific and a tough decision that may have left a void in your lives. 

Some of you may be still feeling his / her absence dearly, some of you may be just about coming to terms with it. It was a necessary and brave decision nevertheless. Kudos to you. 

The congratulations is neither for your resignation to the fact, nor to egg you on. It is simply to throw light at a different perspective. Rather at a fact – that you still have a lovely life ahead of you. Let’s make it eventful! 

Its time to revive the passions, aspirations, ambitions that were buried in order to respond to the call of day-to-day-responsibilities. Days that fast-forwarded to months and years. In a few blinks. 

So what if you are in late 30s / early-mid 40s or even 50s? Love and passion are timeless. 

What was so dear to you before being blessed by parenthood? A hobby, an interest that deserved your complete immersion but didn’t. Ask yourself, is it really late to pursue your passions? If you ask honestly, the answer will be in the negative. 

You are more than capable of bringing your buried dreams to life. All you needed was time, and now you have it. You obviously are a master planner – how else your son / daughter would be studying abroad otherwise, shining and rising towards his / her potential? 

Now use that same efficiency in planning to actively live your dreams. Of course, you have the daily routine and chores to attend to. You had them while raising your lovelies also. You in fact have an advantage of the experience. And support of your spouse. 

Many parents resign to the boredom of routine, void and age when their children leave to pursue their ambitions of higher education abroad. We sincerely hope that you, the reader, are not one of those – and we also hope that you can help shine light on the ones that are staring at a dark abyss of nothing.