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Indian Students Studying Abroad – The World Is Your Oyster

Yes. Quite literally so. You may ask how?

Definitely not just because you have decided to study abroad in a foreign country. But more so because the country of your choice for overseas education would have plenty of places to explore.

Let’s start with Europe, and the Schengen Visa. If you are, let’s say, studying in U.K., Poland, FranceGermany or any other European country, the Schengen Visa would give you access to travel the length and breadth of 26 European countries. Twenty Six!

During your semester breaks, you can explore the modern and Victorian Western Europe to the classical Eastern Europe. From Amalfi Coast to San Sebastian, Florence to Mykonos, Dublin to Madrid there are hundreds of locations to visit. Each country and each location is as awe-inspiring and unique as the other! 

Moving to the North American continent, if you are studying in the U.S. of Canada, you would be equally spoilt for choice of travel options. Both – the U.S. and Canada – are unique in their landscapes and have thousands of places to visit. But a word of caution…

Unlike Europe – which is fairly small in size compared to these humongous countries – make an informed choice of places to travel. Travel within the 500 mile radius in order to make the best of all the places you’d visit. It would not only be pocket-friendly but also time-friendly. Unless you just want to take off on a road trip! 

Australia and New Zealand are in a completely different ‘travel type & zone’ altogether – obviously so.

If you are studying and want to travel in New Zealand, you’d come across more sheep and exotic type of landscapes. Being a relatively small country spread across islands, you could cover many top spots in two or three semesters. But not In Australia.

The land down under is huge. No. It is huuuuuuugggeee.

For students studying in Australia and keen to explore its landscape, choose a travel radius that’s relatively close to your college / university. For reasons that traveling is slightly expensive in Australia and this great continent-country’s vastness can turn you into a full-time traveler. And you don’t want to do that, not before you complete your studies.

Whichever country you may have chosen for your higher education, do explore it as much as you can. Understanding different cultures and outlooks would add to your personality and experience, turning you into a fine young person ready to take on the world.