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Eleevate Overseas Internship Develops Leadership

Internship develops leadership

Its the age of specializations and super-specializations. Across diverse fields. An accountant today is not just an accountant, an MBA not just an MBA, an engineer not just an engineer. 

Accountants could be masters in corporate taxation, MBAs specializing in a specific arm of business administration and a mechanical engineer for example, would be a specialist in automobiles segment. This diversification will continue given the rate at which technologies are moving ahead. 

But why are we talking about something we already know about? Good question. 

Graduation / post-graduation degree can prepare students in knowledge / understanding, even practical applications to an extent. But hands on experience which puts their knowledge to use is perhaps most crucial. We are talking about internships, obviously. 

Internship, as often said, is the first step towards leadership. It gives students competitive advantage as they prepare for a permanent position. How? 

Exposure to their chosen specialty / segment and invaluable experience of ‘how the way world works’. 

More importantly, employers do pay a great deal of attention to resumes – even that of the freshers. 

They want to know about your relevant work experience, whether it was done volunteering or through internships. The country you obtained your degree / specialization is important, but your work experience during internship after completing your education even more so. 

Internship is also a sure way of gaining in confidence which comes in handy during a job interview. It also helps candidates develop interpersonal skills and makes them better negotiators. These are the qualities leaders are made of. 

Of course, there is the perk of ‘internship pay’ as well. 

As you near towards the end of your degree / specialization, scout for relevant and meritorious internship opportunities. They may take you places you wouldn’t have imagined!