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Lol Is The Best Medicine. But How 2

LOL is the best medicine. But how?

Have you ever laughed so much that it hurt your stomach? Have you ever rolled in tears bursting in incessant laughter? Then you’d know the answer.

But its worth mentioning why laugher is really the best medicine, in short-term and long-term.

Read on…

Short-term benefits

A hearty laugh is a sure way to lessen the mental load, called stress. And this is not the only short- term benefit of tickling your funny bone.

  • Laughter causes stimulation of heart, lungs and muscles. Yes, you read that right. It also enhances intake of oxygen-rich air and helps your brain release endorphin – the natural feel-good, painkiller hormone.
  • Bouts of laughter is the best way to fire up the stress response system, which eventually cools down and balances itself in effect. The heart rate first increases when you are rollicking in laughter, then lowers down when you are welled-up laughing. The blood pressure also lowers, resulting in a relaxed feeling.

If you are an international student, away from family and home, figure out a way to indulge in this activity to reduce the stress and to refrain from feeling homesick.

Long-term benefits

You may already know about the demanding nature of a high-flying and high-growth career that you’d pursue after completing your graduation or masters. Investing in your health – through laughter – could help you sail you through some of those challenging times.

  • Laughter is directly responsible for positivity – in thoughts and action. Frequent boisterous laughing leads to positive thoughts, which in turn releases neuropeptides that fight stress and other potential serious illnesses. The best medical insurance, no?
  • Everybody wants to be in a good mood. Laughter does exactly that as it melts away stress and depression while keeping negative thoughts at bay. It also enhances self- satisfaction, making easier to connect and network with people.

Worried about paying student loan or have to deal with a difficult student accommodation? Or a gazillion other things that you are stressed about? Then make LOL your top priority. It may not take away the madness of practical life, but will make you capable to positively deal with it.

P.S. – We couldn’t resist it 😊

Knock Knock

“Who’s there”

Cow Says”

“Cow Says who?”

“No, Cow Says Mooooh”