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Top 5 Oldest Universities Of The World

Oldest top-5 universities in the world, still spreading their legacy

As a student who aspires to study abroad, or is already placed in a college / university abroad, you would like to know about the oldest universities in world that still exist. These are legendary to say the least, and rank in top global spots. If you have not shortlisted your preference, you must consider these.

University of Bologna: Established – 1088 

University of Bologna (UNIBO) is renowned world over for law programs. This public university – comprising of 11 schools – is the oldest university in terms of continuous operation in the western world. 

Interestingly, UNIBO was key in the development of medieval Roman law. Did you know that Enzo Ferrari is an alumni of UNIBO?

University of Oxford: Established – 1096 

Perhaps the most prestigious and decorated university in the UK and Europe, University of Oxford needs no introduction. Considered as the University for higher education in UK – along with Cambridge University – thousands of international students apply at this citadel of education. 

Likes of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking along with 29 Nobel laureates have received their education here. 

University of Salamanca: Established – 1134

This Spanish public university is the oldest university in the Hispanic world and one of the most important centers in the study of humanities – particularly recognized for courses in law and economics. 

Aristides Royo, the President of Panama is its most notable alumni. 

University of Paris: Established – 1160 

Reputed internationally for academic performances in humanities since the middle ages, especially in philosophy and theology, University of Paris today is one of the most sought-after institute for top-class education by scores of international students. 

Most notable of its alumni, over and above 49 Nobel laureates are Marie and Pierre Curie – the developers of theory of radioactivity! 

University of Cambridge: Established – 1209

One of the global top universities, this institute-par-excellence has contributed greatly in academics. University of Cambridge is perhaps the most influential institutes in Europe and is home to world’s oldest publishing house. It also has multiple cultural and scientific museums to inspire the young nubile minds, along with 15 million books to obtain the world of knowledge from. 

116 Nobel laureates are in the elite alumni list of this best-in-class university. 

Of course, there are other legendary universities that have made a mark on a global scale such as University of Toulouse, University of Naples Federico II, University of Padua, Jagiellonian University, etc. 

The author’s intention is to present global top-5 universities in this article.