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Overall Wellness Is The First Step To Greatness Eleevate Overseas

Overall wellness is the first step to greatness

What is wellness? A healthy mind or a fit body? Or something else? 

There seems to be some confusion about wellness, thanks to the bombardment of advertisements – of green tea, water purifiers and such. Each product claiming to be the key to wellness. It is as far from truth as it can be. 

Overall wellness, simply put, is a combination of balanced emotional state, balanced diet, healthy mind and a fit body. Take one of these away and you would be taking away the real essence of wellness. 

Although it sounds a lot, achieving and maintaining overall wellness is not difficult. And if you are a student soon flying to U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia or some other country for higher education then this topic is perhaps even more relevant for you. 

Leaving home country and then living in a foreign land could be emotionally tasking. You would be away from the comfort zone and everything would be different. But don’t fret, you would adjust to the surroundings soon enough. And once you do, you must do these:

  1. Physical activities: Go for a brisk walk, jog or exercise. Do not sit idle, be actively involved in some form of physical activity. This would get your blood flowing, helping you maintain your emotional balance.
  2. Practice yoga / meditation: No, You don’t have to visit a yoga guru or take special yoga classes. Search on YouTube basic meditation or yoga practices and diligently follow the schedule. This is important to maintain mental health.
  3. Practice gratitude: Live in the moment, thank mother nature and father time for blessing you with all that you have. Practicing gratitude enhances your emotional state of being.
  4. Eating habits: By all means have your cheat days. Indulge. But ensure that you are following a diet that suits you. Scout Indian restaurants or grocery stores locally. There are good chances you will find one easily, especially if you are studying in the U.K., U.S. or Canada. 

A healthy mind, a fit body and a balanced emotional state can do wonders. They enhance the power of focus, allowing you to excel in your graduation / post-graduation program, and in your life. 

Don’t settle for anything less. Aim for greatness. And overall wellness.