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Pets Deserve The Best Of Us

Pets deserve the best of us

Pets. What a joy they are to be around. Ever wondered how easily they lift the spirits when we are down, and add to happiness every single day? These furry babies don’t hold a grudge even if they tried to – all they want is to play and share the love. Okay. Cats are an exception (just joking).

Of course, many of us love non-furry pets also. Some keep turtles, parrots, squirrels and even white mice! Some think that animals are better friends than humans could be, and we can see why. These pawfect partners – irrespective of the breed or type – are truly nature’s blessing to us humankind.

A worrying trend seems to be emerging though. Many of these beings of pure love are being abandoned for a variety of reasons. Sickness, behavioral issues, long travel, etc. It is cruel to say the least – would we leave our child / parent / sibling in such instances?

Go visit the vet, get your pet’s condition diagnosed if it is sick. Treat the angel out of sickness. Take it to an animal whisperer if your pet is displaying some odd behaviors. Google for one and you would find many.

If you have to travel – for vacation, overseas education, business – leave your pet in able hands. A family member or neighbor. You have FB and Insta – a friend or friend’s friend may want to adopt. At least find a foster home or a shelter instead of just abandoning the precious pet in middle of nowhere. Do not forget that animals cannot express the sorrow and pain of abandonment, but they feel just the same. Perhaps more than we could understand.

Please, be a responsible pet parent. Get one only if you can take complete responsibility. And when you are ready to have one in your life, please… adopt, don’t shop.