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Share The Knowledge Gain Wisdom

Share the knowledge… Gain wisdom

A lot of emphasis has been laid since time immemorial on the concept and merits of ‘sharing knowledge’. It is often said that the secrets of creation itself lies within a sentient being, waiting to be expressed. However, with an intention of keeping it simple, we will limit ourselves to the benefits and wisdom of sharing the knowledge we have, without getting too esoteric. 

Every person, irrespective of caste, gender, religion, age, etc. has had experiences. That forms the basis of knowledge. A student who has completed 12th and is pursuing higher education has the knowledge of not just the subjects, but how to prepare for them and excel in academics. Let’s say you – the reader – are an international student, in the 2nd year of degree program studying in Australia or Poland, or some other country. 

You would see a wave of international students – freshers – just as you were a year or a semester back, joining the college / university. Can you welcome some of them with a smile, share your experiences of the 6 – 12 months plus of living in a foreign country? Of course, when they have settled and respond to your smile with their own. It could help those newbies reduce their anxiety. 

You can do a few notches better. Can you ‘teach’ what you already know – in your degree program – to the ones who seek help outside the classroom? Campus is a fantastic place to collaborate, cooperate and share. 

The feeling of sharing your knowledge would instantaneously make you feel better. This feeling in turn would make room within you for more learning. It’d motivate you do better. Obviously, your act of sharing knowledge could immensely help the person who is receiving it. 

This gesture will be applicable in every aspect of your life – long after you have aced your graduation / post-graduation. Even when you are a hotshot professional or a start-up magnet. Sharing knowledge or information inevitably opens up space for receiving wisdom. And wisdom, without fail, leads to success. 

The old are wise because they have had more experiences than the younger ones. We can earn our wisdom, in our day and age, by opening ourselves to sharing.