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STEM Programs In USA

USA is home to globally ranked top 10-15 universities that have made a mark in STEM education. Even the lesser-known private American universities excel in STEM education, their programs are top-notch. It is perhaps one of the reasons why Americans are global leaders in the fields ‘stemming’ from STEM.

As an Indian student, pursing STEM education – especially in U.S.A. – could be life-changing. The Americans’ appetite for economic, scientific and technological growth is insatiable. Acing in STEM program can lay a solid ground work for your future.

These are some of the top STEM programs offered by universities in U.S.A.

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Physical Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Emerging Applications

Of course, each of these STEM specialties would have sub-specialties that can be further pursued as Doctorate / PhD. Candidates who do complete their Doctorate (or even Masters in STEM) in U.S.A. are always high in demand. So which university do you want to pursue STEM education from?  

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