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Job Opportunities In Australia

While Australian economy continues to grow, there is long-term skill shortage of professionals such as IT programmers, doctors & nurses, engineers, finance & accounts among many others. Australian government has recognized this lack and hence, they have announced a relaxed post-study work permit for graduate and postgraduate international students. This is a perfect opportunity for Indian students who want to study, work and perhaps settle in Australia.

You should also know that Australia cares deeply about culture preservation and the environment, thus opening possibilities for careers in relative specialties such as geology, anthropology, archaeology, bioscience, zoology, etc.

There are also many avenues and funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs looking for a place to get a head start. All in all, there are numerous career opportunities in Australia to grab.

Here is a short list of annual salary drawn by some of the top professions in Australia: 

  • Science & Technical Services: AUD 120,000+
  • IT: AUD 90,000+
  • Engineering: AUD 75,000+
  • Human Resources: AUD 75,000+
  • Automotive: CAD 55,000+

Did you know?

Victoria and Queensland provinces pay highest salaries, followed by Queensland and Tasmania.

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