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Job Opportunities In Canada

Post study work opportunities in Canada, especially listed as skill shortage, are perhaps the best among many other countries. Students, after completing their study in Canada, can apply for employment. The chances of securing a job would be better if language and technical skills are also at par with the desired requirements. 

Work experience earned at Canada can be very valuable as it opens the door to P.R. opportunities. Students who wish to eventually settle in Canada after completing study in Canada must avail the employment opportunities.

Listed below is the annual salary of some of the top paying jobs in Canada: 

  • Aerospace Engineer: CAD 95,000+
  • Accounting & Management: CAD 85,000+
  • Human Resources: CAD 85,000+
  • Project Manager: CAD 85,000+
  • IT Developers: CAD 65,000+

Did you know?

These are the professions that are listed as long-term skill shortage in Canada. Doctors & surgeons, engineering mangers & engineers, forestry professionals, event managers, aerospace engineers, web designers, dispatchers.

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