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Education System in Germany

German universities are very popular for offering a large variety of programs. Excellent syllabus and modern teaching methods make these universities one of the best choices for receiving quality education.

Technical universities in Germany cover more traditional courses. In fact, being an industrialized country, Germany has invested a lot in engineering universities with unique programs. Apart from engineering programs, they have become global leaders in programs such as medicine and pharmacy.

The Universities of Applied Sciences focus on the practical application of their courses. 70% of every program is about actual functional training and real-scenario applications. This helps students become better equipped to handle real-life work challenges.

The Colleges of Art and Music cover artistic and creative programs including fashion designing, filmmaking, music, fine arts and theatre.

There are two study intakes offered by German colleges / universities.

Academic intakes

Winter intake:

Starting in September / October, colleges and universities in Germany accept admission applications for a vast number of study programs during this primary intake. Being a more popular study intake, students are expected to start application process 6-8 months in advance.

Summer intake:

This is a secondary intake offering programs in various disciplines. This is also a popular intake for students aspiring to pursue higher education in Germany.

Colleges and universities start accepting applications for summer intake in the month of April. Students would be well-advised to start application process 6-8 months in advance for this intake as well.

Popular Courses

Germans are masters at engineering. Their passion for precision and excellence is revered world over. It is no wonder that the country rules the global automotive engineering landscape.

The German education system puts a lot of emphasis on research & development, and practical application of education. Studying in Germany is akin to being prepared for the job, before getting the job!

Mind you, skipping classes / lectures in Germany would be counterproductive. The faculty expects students to be disciplined in their academic pursuits, and being in their ‘good books’ would help you realize your academic and career ambitions.

As an Indian student, choosing Germany to study abroad for one of these popular programs could transform your potential.

  • Engineering
  • Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Business & Economics
  • Architecture
  • Law
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