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Job Opportunities In Germany

Germany is a massive economic and industrial powerhouse. It is the largest economy in Europe and fourth largest in the world! You can perhaps understand the scale of its size from the fact that it generates thousands upon thousands of employment opportunities every year. 

Automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical and electrical industries dominate the Germany industrial landscape. The country is also host to some of the largest trade fairs in the world, attracting investors and exhibitors across the globe. 

Bright students could get respectable post study work opportunities in Germany. Of course, they would need to do their preparations for getting one. Listed below are some of the top employment generating professions, and average monthly salaries in Germany:

  • Healthcare: EUR 6,500+
  • Engineering: EUR 3,800+
  • IT & Data Science: EUR 5,000+
  • Finance: EUR 5,000+
  • Research: EUR 4,500+

Did you know?

To study in Germany, you will have to mandatorily open a blocked account and deposit EUR 11,208 (as per latest release dated 1st January, 2023). It would serve as a proof of financial stability – that you have enough funds to manage living expenses while studying in Germany.

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