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Job Opportunities In New Zealand

Upon successful completion of study program, New Zealand post-study work visa allows up to 3 years of employment in any role. This length of time gives students the opportunity to find a perfect job that their skill is best matched for. So, which segments are most in demand in New Zealand?

Engineering, IT, medicine are the highest job creating segments. But sectors such as manufacturing, transport, logistics, services, finance, travel & hospitality, etc. are also high employment drivers.

With a stable international policy and positive geopolitical outlook, New Zealand is a well-balanced high-growth career destination.

Here is a short list of annual salary drawn by some of the top professions in New Zealand: 

  • Banking, Finance & Insurance: NZD 82,000+
  • Education: NZD 83,000+
  • Engineering: NZD 92,000+
  • IT: NZD 85,000+
  • Marketing & Sales: NZD 82,000+

Did you know?

Employees in New Zealand can draw an average of INR 29 lakh annually, mostly ranging from INR 29 lakh to INR 50 lakh based on 45 different professional profiles.

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