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Job Opportunities In Poland

Poland presents a thriving job market for the right and bright candidate. While many students studying abroad are enamored by European countries such as the U.K., Germany, Ireland, France, etc. for post-study work, they fail to recognize career growth scope that Poland offers.

The country has listed a long-term demand for skillsets in sectors such as banking & finance, accounting, chemical engineering, logistics, medicine, etc. What this means is students pursing academics in these fields could have a better post-study work opportunity in Poland. 

So, how much do some of these jobs pay? Here’s a list of profession-wise average monthly salaries in Poland:

  • Healthcare: PLN 11,300+
  • Information Technology: EUR 7,500+
  • Media: PLN 6,500+
  • Engineering: PLN 9,500+

Did you know?

Poland is often considered an underdog of European economy. But it is anything but one. At a steady growth of 6% for 20 years, Polish economy is one of the most consistent in Europe. It was the least affected economies during 2008 meltdown. The country did a fabulous job even during COVID to minimalize the pandemic’s effect on its economy!

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