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Job Opportunities In UK

Yes. The competition to secure a desirable growth-oriented job in U.K. is fierce. But there is no cause for alarm, for two main reasons. Candidates with above-par academic qualifications and skills are usually absorbed in the professional scape rather easily. Secondly, degree earned from U.K. University is globally accepted and renowned. You’d have doors of many global corporates to knock on.

One of the better ways of securing a job in the U.K. is networking. Connect with people who may be helpful, request them for references. Mingle with other Indians already placed successfully in their career, understand from them how to go about it. While you do so, here’s a list of profession-wise average yearly salaries in the U.K.:

  • Finance: £75,000
  • Business Management: £72,000
  • Data Scientist: £45,000
  • Legal: £65,000
  • IT: £40,000

Did you know?

These are the top 5 U.K. cities to jumpstart a career after completing Masters. Sheffield, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds. Do you want to know the reason why these cities could be good for you or do you want to know more details on PR and PSW opportunities in U.K.? Chat with us on WhatsApp

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