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Time An Angel With Wings

Time – An angel with wings

Some believe time is sacred, made of moments. Moments that pass sooner than the blink of an eye, but leave lasting memories. Some consider time merely as a tool of measurement – to keep a count of seconds and centuries. Then there are those who are totally indifferent to time. Everything is random, time simply does not exist for them!

Everyone is right. How so? And what IS time?

Irrespective of the beliefs, it is in the moment, a second / a minute, or randomly that a decision is made. Decisions give relevance to time..

“I was born on so and so date and year” (of course, your parents first ‘decided to have a child)… “I went for a trip at such and such place during that month” (the choice of place and ‘time’ was made) … “Oh, she / he just happened to be there at the mall, I was attracted and then it all began” (the decision to follow the instinct was subconsciously made).

Decision lead to directions.

A decision at the right time to choose higher education – whether in Europe, USA, Australia or another destination – can make careers. A timely decision to apply within the given timeline at the chosen university can potentially transform lives. The uncompromising resolve to achieve graduation, post-graduation or masters in the program of choice, within the timeframe, can result in a satisfying quality of life.

Yes, you are a young and vivacious student now. When you are 40-something, what do you want to look back at? The timely decisions that led you to your destination or, you whiling away and groping at the next available opportunity?

Whether you believe time is sacred or not, it sure is precious. Don’t waste it and decide wisely.