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What A Wonderful World Of Discoveries

What a wonderful world of discoveries!

These are exciting times. We are witnessing some of the most awesome, wonderful and brave new discoveries. Evidently, there are some frightening ones too, but the likes of COVID cannot overshadow the ones that could potentially change the world in coming years. 

Let’s take NASA’s discovery of asteroid ‘16 psyche’ for instance. The comet is made of precious metals, mostly gold, worth more than $700 quintillion! To put it to scale, if that gold is somehow brought to earth and the revenues shared with every single person, we would each have a $100 billion worth of fortune! Happy thought, no? 

We aren’t referring to the material riches over here though. But rather relating to the wealth of discoveries, made possible through higher education. Science, engineering, mathematics, architecture, business, finance, logistics and almost every other field of education. 

Do you know that recently a ‘plastic-eating’ bacteria was discovered, and it may be put to use to solve the plastic-pollution problem? Or that a ‘zeptosecond’ – the smallest unit of time – was recently measured! FYI, a zeptosecond is a trillionth of a billionth of a second. Umm. Yah! It took more than a few seconds to sink in. 

Who are these mad people making such maddening discoveries? One blog is too small a place to list them all, but this much we can say – these are girls and guys just like you. Curious, creative, parallel thinking individuals who may have received inspiration for their discovery at one of the globally top ranked colleges in the U.S. or U.K. or may be France or some other country. 

Education, as often said, is not merely found in the books. How well a student learns depends on the educator as well. If you are a young student about to take the decision for your higher education, research the college and faculty well. Who knows, it could be your discovery that zaps the world tomorrow. 

To prove the point made above, here is an example – Rifath Sharook, an 18-year old dude from Karur, Tamil Nadu, made or rather invented ‘KalamSat’ (named after the honorable APJ Abdul Kalam Siir), world’s smallest satellite weighing all but 64 grams! 

You read that right! 

Now go, be inspired and etch your names in the pages of history of discoveries.