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Why Study In Canada

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is probably one of the few countries where, in many provinces, the presence of ‘global citizens’ is more than the locals. Most of these towns and cities are host to world-class universities and international students. But what is it really that attracts thousands of students to Canada every year?

Student safety is one of the key reasons for Canada to be one of the most preferred overseas education destination. Irrespective of race, ethnicity or color, Canadian society welcomes students and immigrants alike with open hearts. They are very tolerant of different orientations and perspectives.

The Canadian universities, ranked in top-5 / top-10 global lists, add even more value to the culture and ethos by transforming the young and potential minds to matured, polished, inventive and forward-thinking individuals. So many students graduate with flying colors every year in healthcare, IT, research, engineering and infrastructure segments.

Compared to other countries, Canada’s permanent residency (PR) system is more robust and open for deserving international graduate-students. It is one of the important reasons that many students choose Canada for higher overseas education. Of course, the other deciding factor is the ‘feel’ of Canada.

Perfect combination of wilderness and ultramodern, the Canadian landscape is as astonishing and beautiful as it can be. Add to it a dash of colorful and social people with variety of views and outlooks, along with inspiring architecture and activities to indulge in, Canada becomes the inevitable choice for students aspiring overseas education.