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Why Study In France

Why Study in France?

Eiffel Tower. Arts. Food. Education. No prize for guessing name of the European country that prides itself for these

France is, and has been, at the forefront of quality education, world-changing technologies and innovation. Parachute, hot air balloon, film camera, stethoscope blood transfusion, antibiotics, baby incubator… the list of French inventions is too long to fit here. It would be fair to say that the world owes them a lot. Including 70 Nobel laureates.

High-quality education has been at the heart of French achievements. It is probably the reason thousands upon thousands of international students, especially Indian students, choose France as their higher overseas education destination. This European hub-of-innovations allocates a colossal budget in education sector, with a focus on inspiring excellence – Grandes Ecoles is one such prestigious examples.

This investment has paid rich dividends. And it can be experienced and enjoyed in the 3500+ public and private French universities offering a very wide variety of bachelors and masters programs for students to choose from. Engineering sciences, art & infrastructure, business studies, medicine, natural sciences, culinary science… there is hardly a specialty that cannot be pursued in France.

Then there is the unmissable French etiquette, and French love for food & art. Do you know that croissant, crepes, eclairs are some of the hundreds of mouth-watering delights invented in France?

Student life in France can be one of the most inspiring. The multi-cultural dimension, the warmth of people, art at every nook & corner and of course, quality education in French universities – studying in France can set the aspiring student on path of a fulfilling on successful career.