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Why Study In Germany

Why Study in Germany?

Germany has won the football world cup 4 times. Another number which may interest you even more is 3. Yes. Germany is the third most attractive overseas education destination in the world and more than two million students have enrolled in German universities.

Traditionally, Germans are known to be perfectionists. Their endeavors in engineering earned them this title. But times have changed. And for the better. They remain the idols of excellence, but not only in engineering but also in applied sciences, natural sciences, healthcare, IT among other specialties.

The same perfection and excellence can also be found in the globally-recognized German universities which offer students over 1500 bachelors and masters programs to choose from.

One of the biggest misconception amongst student community about Germany is the language. Many fear that it would be a barrier – while studying and living in Germany. It is as far from the truth as Earth is from the nearest habitable planet.

Obviously, getting introduced to any new language is slightly challenging at first. But it is easy to pick up soon thereafter. In fact, the language would grow on you – the pronunciations, the style and mannerism of speaking German.

Germany has a rich history. Exploring the German landscape is a visual delight for international students in Germany. The 7th largest European country (another number trivia for you) is a blend of modern and traditional. Museums, art galleries, modern automobile factories (some of the best in the world), old relics… there is plenty for students to explore, learn and draw inspiration from.

Advantage Germany!