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Why Study In Ireland

Why Study in Ireland?

What makes Ireland one of the globally preferred destinations and one of the top choices of Indian students pursuing higher overseas education? Well, there are several factors. For one, Ireland is lot like India. The population is young – about 40% of Irish are below 25 years of age; more or less like the average age group of Indians.

Then there is the cultural aspect. Yes. There is a vast difference between Indian and Irish culture. But the important common denominator is that both countries’ cultures are imbibed into the lives and lifestyle of its people.

Of course, then there is the impeccable Irish education framework that has set itself apart from other European countries in past decade or so. The quality of education at Irish universities now rivals many globally recognized European universities. The insightful investment and development made by the Irish in their education sector over the years has made it a European hub of pharma, tech and IT behemoths such as Pfizer, LinkedIn, Twitter, among several others.

Its like a domino effect. One thing leads to the other. Presence of these MNCs has created demand for highly skilled workforce – one of the most sought-after assets. Which means that the deserving students are likely to find more lucrative employment opportunities in Ireland.

Ireland prides itself as a nation of highest standards in quality of education and technological advances. But the Irish are seldom about ‘all work and no play’. They are bubbly and exuberant people, ever ready for a chuckle or two. Keen to indulge in almost anything under the sun, people soon discover there is not one dull moment around an Irish.

This all-round feature of Ireland is probably the reason why more and more students from over 120 countries, including India, are choosing it as their destination for higher overseas education.