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Why Waste When We Can Donate Eleevate Overseas

Why waste when we can donate

Leaving India in pursuit of overseas higher education and a lucrative career? Awesome. Well begun is half done. 

Spare a thought or two though. 

While you are busy preparing for your departure, what will happen to the belongings when you are gone? If you are leaving for graduation or post-graduation program, chances are that you may be away for at least 3 years. 

Yes, your parents may decide to give it away when they are cleaning your closet. But is it not your responsibility? 

The books, clothes, old toys, study materials, bags, belts, knick-knacks. In all probability they would be rendered useless. Unless you donate them / give them away. 

There would be ample of NGOs and community centers close by to your residence. They would happily accept your gifts and share it with the deserving children and youngsters. You can easily locate them through Google or Instagram or Facebook. Some NGOs even come and collect it. 

You can also give your stuff away to the local vegetable vendor, chotu at a tea stall or the househelp. Surely your gesture would be more than appreciated. 

Leaving your things here for dust to gather, shall we say, would be a sheer waste of not only resources but also of a chance to make someone smile. 

Treat this act of giving as important as preparations you have to make for your study abroad aspirations. Earn blessings of the less privileged, let them remember you in their good thoughts.