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Study in the U.S.A.

The International Country of Dreams!

  1. 33/100 Top Universities are from the USA.
  2. The International Study Destination That Tops The Chart.
  3. Choose from 400+ S.T.E.M. Programs!
  4. Get 3 Years Post Study Work Visa.

Study in Canada

#1 Country in the World For Quality of Life & Social Purpose!

  1. Get Upto 3 Years Post Study Work Visa
  2. The country with the Highest PR Opportunities
  3. Student Direct Stream (SDS) is an expedited study permit processing program for Indian Students.
  4. For Faster Processing, Apply with 6.5 IELTS Band

Study in the U.K.

Be A Part Of The Most Distinguished Education Society

  1. Study In Some Of The World Renowned Institutes.
  2. 18/100 Top Universities of the World are in the U.K.
  3. Get 2 Years Post Study Work Visa.
  4. Get Spouse Visa With Work Permit.

About Us

Eleevate Overseas is a young and dynamic organization headed by Mr. Mahesh Parmar that believes in giving a profile based solution to students aspiring for overseas education.

An organization where universities & countries are not products but an opportunity and means of education for eleevating ones life.

The team of counsellors are trained to give the right guidance to aspiring students and their parents instead of focusing on selling universities and countries to prospective students.

Explore Top Study Destinations

Studying abroad is once in a lifetime opportunity that every student so look forward too. It can be the most rewarding decision a person makes, as it can benefit you beyond your imagination and expectations. It offers a unique opportunity to discover diverse cultures, make lifelong relationships and connections, and also gain an educational degree that goes a long way in holistic development.

Our Services

Our team is trained to give the right guidance & support to aspiring students and their parents, so that they can have a seamless experience.

Career Counselling

Our counsellors are trained to guide you with appropriate options based on assessing your academics, work experience, financial background as well as your study gaps if any, to make the process quick and attain a high visa success ratio.

Course Advice

With infinite number of options available for course from the universities around the world, it's crucial to pick the right;

  1. Course
  2. University &
  3. Country

Based on your assessment.

Admission Assistance

The admission process of universities keep changing! This leads to confusion for students as it's difficult for them to keep track of this changes. With our history of expertise of counselling & our relationship with this universities, we are always updated with their process. This helps us to ensure you get onboard with your dream University, by securing your admission.

Visa Assistance

The visa application for each country has different requirement. It's impossible for you to keep an updated track of all the changes happening. Don't worry, with our expertise we are always updated with the requirements for each country.

Pre-Departure Support

We assist you with all your requirements before departure like your visa application, your admission process, your air tickets, assistance in finding accommodation, etc., so that you have a smooth transition of on-boarding towards your dream destination.

Post-Departure Support

We assist our students post departure with pick up & drop services and assisting them to settle down in their new home!

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Our team is trained to give the right guidance & support to aspiring students and their parents, so that they can have a seamless experience.