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Quality Education, Diversified Culture

France has one of the most beneficial, accessible and internationally renowned systems of higher education. With excellent global rankings, exceptional French researchers, 62 Nobel Prize winners, France is the destination to pursue high-quality education at an affordable budget.

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Why France?

Quality Education, Diversified Culture

France has over 3,500 public and private institutes offering quality higher education developed with a colossal budget with a focus on inspiring excellence. Their long term and continuous political visions have helped establish themselves as a leading benefactor of quality education.

Public institutes, financed by the State, offer a wide choice of programs, covering all areas of learning and research. The Grandes Ecoles also offer excellent programs, ranging from subjects such as political science to veterinary courses. Moreover, the French specialised schools offer a host of programs to choose from.

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Top Reasons to Study in France

Unlocking The French Dream

No matter which country you are from, France will welcome you with open arms. Diversity is seeped into the French culture. People are warm and friendly; they love everything that is art and lay a strong emphasis on quality education. The French are known to open their arms and hearts to people from all races and culture.


Universities to choose from

With/Without IELTS

Apply With/Without IELTS

Affordable Budget

Uncompromised High-Quality Education at an Affordable Budget

2 Yrs PSWV

Get Up To 5 Years Post-Study Work Visa After Masters*

20 hr/week

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Leading Host Country

World’s Leading Host Country for Higher Education

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Education System in France

Navigating the Choices of Higher Education

Beyond the traditional university system, France boasts the ‘Grandes Ecoles’ – prestigious and elite institutions that represent the pinnacle of higher education. These premier institutes specialize in intensive programs focused on a single subject area, setting the stage for an unparalleled depth of learning.

At the Grandes Ecoles, students embark on a five-year journey to earn degrees that are not just pieces of paper but symbols of exhaustive study and dedication. Some even offer Master’s degrees, adding another layer of prestige. Admission is a badge of honor, achieved through rigorous entrance exams and a demonstration of exceptional academic prowess. Yes, the tuition may be higher, but the investment in your future is invaluable.

For those dreaming of an education that breaks molds and defies expectations, France also offers specialized schools in fields like medicine, journalism, fashion, and design, among others. With around 3,000 institutes, students have the unique opportunity to pursue progressive career paths that are as diverse as they are rewarding.

Academic Year - Intakes

The universities in France offer two significant intakes, namely, Winter & Summer.

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The Grandes Ecoles

Discover the Prestige of French Grandes Écoles

Immerse yourself in the world of French Grandes Écoles, where over 100 elite universities await to transform your dreams into reality. Whether your passion lies in art, literature, business, or engineering, these esteemed institutions offer a myriad of specialties designed to elevate your potential.

Imagine the privilege of being part of an exclusive community, where education transcends the ordinary. Whether through public avenues or private, elite realms, your journey at a Grande École de France is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about guaranteeing yourself a bright future with unparalleled employment opportunities.

Embark on a rigorous but rewarding quest for excellence, where your academic achievements culminate in prestigious degrees such as the Master of Science (“MSc”), Master in Business Administration and Management (“M.B.A.”), or the specialized Master (“Ms”). These accolades are not just titles; they are your passport to success, recognized and revered globally.

The path to joining these hallowed halls is one of dedication and excellence. Through selective admissions, whether directly post-baccalaureate or after a preparatory course, your journey will be a testament to your commitment and talent. And once admitted, the world of specialized knowledge opens up to you, laying the foundation for a remarkable career.

Embrace the Future with Grandes Écoles

Écoles in Engineering

Step into the future with French engineering schools, where cutting-edge scientific training meets practical business internships. Join the ranks of distinguished engineers who are shaping the world, backed by a Master’s level degree from institutions recognized by the prestigious C.I.T.

Les Écoles de Commerce

Navigate the dynamic world of business with about 230 schools that are at the forefront of economic and administrative evolution. Experience education that is as real-world as it gets, complete with internships and cutting-edge technology, offering you a gateway to the European market.

Instituts d'études politiques

Be part of the elite with institutions like Sciences Po Paris, and nine other I.E.P.s that draw ambitious students each year, eager to make their mark in the political landscape.

Écoles Normales Supérieures

Join the crème de la crème at the ENS for a rigorous 4-year program across diverse fields. With only four prestigious ENS in France, each moment spent here prepares you to be an influential teacher or researcher. Picture yourself among the select few who, supported by scholarships, embark on a journey of excellence and commitment.

At these Grandes Écoles, education is more than learning; it’s a privilege that comes with responsibility. With scholarships and the unique opportunity to earn a salary as a student, you’re not just preparing for the future; you’re already making an impact.

Embrace the journey to becoming part of France’s intellectual elite, where your commitment to excellence paves the way for a future filled with promise and prestige. Welcome to the Grandes Écoles of France – where dreams are nurtured, and futures are forged.

Cost of Studying in France

How Much Will Your French Dream Cost?

France offers relatively affordable higher education, with public university tuition fees ranging from EUR 200 to EUR 800 annually, depending on the program. This affordability attracts thousands of international students, requiring early application processes. Conversely, tuition at Grandes Ecoles is higher, starting from EUR 600 to EUR 10,000 a year, as each institution sets its own fees.

~€2,770 per year

Undergraduate Programs

~€3,770 per year

Postgraduate Programs

Did you know that studying in French private universities, and particularly in private B-schools, tends to be pricier than their public counterparts? Tuition can vary between €3,000 to €10,000 annually. But, for the most accurate tuition fees for your chosen course, always check the university’s official website. It’s the first step towards investing in your future!

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Requirements For Studying In France

Requirements An Aspiring Student Needs To Meet

The European education system welcomes international students based on a Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI). Nonetheless, possessing an IELTS scorecard can notably enhance your application. Additionally, students must demonstrate proficiency to successfully navigate both university and Campus France interviews. These evaluations, which are generally straightforward, primarily assess your study motivations and language proficiency.

Admission criteria for Indian students aspiring to study in French universities vary across institutions. For undergraduate programs, candidates are required to have a 10+2 certificate from a recognized board and proof of English language proficiency. Postgraduate programs demand an undergraduate degree, GMAT/GRE scores, proof of English proficiency, and relevant work experience (if applicable). For PhD programs, a master’s degree or its equivalent is necessary.

The two standardized language assessments, the TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français or Test of French Knowledge) and the TEF (Test d’Évaluation de Français or French Evaluation Test), are prerequisites for students seeking admission to colleges in France.

Furthermore, Indian students seeking education in France must also prepare other essential documents, maintaining the integrity of the original requirements.

Bachelors’s Degree Requirements
Master’s Degree Requirements
Diploma Requirements

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Scholarship Available

Your Journey To Success Begins Now!

French scholarships are offered to Indian students based on their academic merits and test scores. These scholarships aim to support Indian students in pursuing their studies in France. Among the numerous scholarships available, several stand out due to their reputation and the opportunities they provide for Indian students to advance their education in France.

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Student Visa Requirements

Essential Documents for Obtaining a France Student Visa

To study in the UK, you’ll need a UK Student Visa (Tier 4) for full-time courses or a Visitor Visa for short courses. Apply early as visa decisions take up to 3 weeks. The visa fee is £363 for those applying from outside the UK. Visit the UK government’s official website or your local British embassy for detailed information.

List of requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your queries!

Indian students who study and successfully complete Masters in France will now be able to pursue post study work for five years.

Studying in France is more affordable than many other study abroad countries as the tuition fee of most French universities is within reach. If you choose to live away from Paris, even living expenses would be manageable.

It’d depend upon your grades, the university and the timing of scholarship application.

A minimum IELTS band of 6.5 or higher is required to study in France. But there are several options to apply without IELTS as well.

Yes. It is compulsory to have health insurance for the entire duration of study in France.

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