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Quality Education, Quality Life

Canada is one of the top-3 study abroad countries offering highest quality of higher education. Poised to become the number one study abroad destination, Canada attracts a very large number of international students every year.

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Why Canada?

Quality education, quality life

Canada is also known to invest significant intellectual and financial capital in constantly enhancing the quality of life. It is little wonder that Canada is the first choice of country of rich and famous to immigrate.

English and French are the two primary Canadian languages. This bilingual multicultural country receives international students with open arms, provides enriching environment & experience and offers very exciting career prospects.

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Top Reasons to Study in Canada

Unlocking The Canadian Dream

Degrees earned from Canadian universities are recognised globally. This gives an edge to aspiring students qualified from Canada, making them preferred job candidates.

Safety, security, and respect are hallmarks of the Canadian education system. Laying a strong emphasis on research and development, specifically in medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science and Technology, graduation / degree from Canadian University is a mark of trust and excellence.


Canadian Universities rank amongst the top 50 in the world

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Education System in Canada

Navigating the Choices of Higher Education

The higher education system in Canada, mirroring the U.S.A., is a blend of public and private universities, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of education. Among these esteemed institutions is the prestigious U15 Group of Research Universities, a beacon of research excellence and innovation. Drawing inspiration from the British education framework, Canada’s education system offers a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate courses, catering to virtually every field imaginable.

The U15 Group, in particular, stands out for its deep commitment to research-based programs, setting a benchmark for academic excellence. Each of these institutions, whether part of the U15 or not, is dedicated to awarding degrees that pave the way for future leaders, thinkers, and innovators. Understanding the unique strengths of the U15 Group can inspire a deeper appreciation for Canada’s commitment to high-quality, research-driven education. This system not only educates but also inspires students to push the boundaries of knowledge and make a significant impact on the world.

Academic Year - Intakes

The universities in Canada offer Three significant intakes, namely, Fall & Spring.

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U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities

The Ivy League Equivalent of Canadian Research Universities

In the heart of Canada’s innovation landscape, the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities stands as a beacon of excellence, propelling the nation to the forefront of energy research and establishing it amongst the wealthiest on the global stage. With 79% of research investment flowing into their labs, U15 universities are not just educational institutions; they are powerhouses of innovation, holding 94% of patents registered by Canadian universities and sparking 82% of the spin-offs that shape our future.

Founded in 1991 and based in Ottawa, the U15 Group represents 15 of Canada’s most prestigious public research universities. These institutions are not only the custodians of education but also the architects of tomorrow, advocating for the advancement of the research enterprise and the support of government programs that fuel research and development. Imagine being part of a community that represents 47% of all university students in Canada, including 71% of all full-time PhD students.

Imagine being where 87% of all contracted private-sector research happens, and 80% of all patents and initial projects are born. Earning a postgraduate or a doctorate degree from a U15 university isn’t just about obtaining a qualification; it’s about setting the stage for a life of success and impact.

Cost of Studying in Canada

How Much Will Your Canadian Dream Cost?

In comparison to the U.K. or U.S.A., cost of studying in Canada is lower. As you’d know, a major chunk of the cost is tuition fees, and evidently, it is lower in Canada comparatively. Needless to say, the tuition fee would largely depend on the chosen study program and the university.

One exciting fact about studying in Canada is that there are scholarship opportunities offered by many leading universities. However, timing is of essence. Canadian universities are hugely popular; hence the seats are filled within a short period of time. Therefore, starting admission application process early is the only way to secure admission with scholarship.

The following approximate break-up of program-wise cost should give you a fair idea about tuition fees for studying in Canada.

CAD13,000 - 20,000

Undergraduate Programs

CAD17,000 - 25,000

Postgraduate Programs

CAD7,000 - 15,000

PhD Programs

CAD30,000 - 40,000

MBA Programs

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Requirements For Studying In Canada

Requirements An Aspiring Student Needs To Meet

For international students aiming to study in Canada, key requirements include obtaining a student visa with a letter of acceptance from a recognized institution, demonstrating financial stability for tuition and living expenses, showing language proficiency in English or French through tests like IELTS or TOEFL, passing a medical exam, and providing a clean police record. Meeting these prerequisites is crucial for accessing Canada’s quality education and safe campus environments. Early application and thorough preparation are advisable for a smooth transition.

Bachelors’s Degree Requirements
Master’s Degree Requirements

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Scholarship Available

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Scholarships are a beacon of hope, rewarding students’ academic excellence with financial support that doesn’t need to be repaid. They open doors for meritorious students, shining brightly on those with strong academic and extracurricular records. Offered by the Canadian government and various external organizations, these scholarships are designed to lighten the financial burden of education abroad. For those in need, need-based scholarships provide a lifeline. Discover the path to your dreams with our list of popular scholarships in Canada for Indian students. Embark on your journey to greatness!

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Student Visa Requirements

Essential Documents for Obtaining a Canada Student Visa

Venturing into the heart of Canada’s academic excellence as an international student requires obtaining a Canadian student visa, or study permit. This process is crucial for those aiming to study in

These prerequisites are part of the Canadian government’s effort to ensure international students are well-prepared and qualified to enjoy studying in Canada.

Canada’s renowned educational institutions and involves a series of key steps and requirements:

List of requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

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Canadian colleges and universities receive thousands upon thousands of applications every year. The demand far outweighs the supply. Therefore, students must start the shortlisting and application process well in advance in order to secure admission.

It’d depend from case to case. However, there must be a justifiable reason for the study gap. A gap of 2 years for undergraduate studies and 5 years for postgraduate studies is acceptable in Canada.

Indian students can apply for scholarship from Canadian universities. However, do note that competition in this aspect is quite stiff

If you have excelled in your academics, and if your skill belongs to a long-term skill shortage, securing P.R. in Canada would be easier. But there are many conditions to fulfill.

Provincial Nominee Program – or PNP – is a program to attract people with skills, education and work experience to Canadian provinces. The aim of this program is to strengthen the local economy. As a student, after completing your studies you can apply for PNP that matches your skill.

A minimum IELTS band of 6 or higher is required to study in Canada.

Yes. It is compulsory to have health insurance for the entire duration of study in Canada. The rules are different from province to province, and international students are not covered by government health insurance schemes. Therefore, they must purchase private health insurance.

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