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Studying abroad is once in a lifetime opportunity that every student so look forward too. It can be the most rewarding decision a person makes, as it can benefit you beyond your imagination and expectations. It offers a unique opportunity to discover diverse cultures, make lifelong relationships and connections, and also gain an educational degree that goes a long way in holistic development.

Below are the top study abroad destinations in the world;

study in Ireland without ielts

Study in UK

The Most Distinguished Education Society
The legacy of U.K. education system has given the country 100 Nobel prize winning scientists and institutions – a feat only few countries enjoy. Degree obtained from a university in the U.K. is at par with the global best, opening up a host of world-class opportunities for students.

Study in Canada

Quality education, quality life
Canada is one of the top-3 study abroad countries offering highest quality of higher education. Poised to become the number one study abroad destination, Canada attracts a very large number of international students every year.

Study in USA

The land of options and opportunities
U.S.A. is long known as a land of promise and potential for good reasons. This superpower of a country has some of the premier universities, including the Ivy League, making it a leading global overseas education destination.

Study in France

Quality education, diversified culture

France has one of the most beneficial, accessible and internationally renowned systems of higher education. With excellent global rankings, exceptional French researchers, 62 Nobel Prize winners, France is the destination to pursue high-quality education at an affordable budget.

Study in Germany

The land of engineering marvels

The legendary German education system needs no introduction. About two million students enroll in German universities, ranking # 3 as world’s most attractive study destination. Of course, the high-on-excellence education system is the main pillar of German universities and colleges; the other aspect that attracts so many students to Germany is low tuition fees.

Study in Poland

Quality education, affordable options

Poland is one of the least expensive European countries to pursue higher education. This culturally rich East-European country has almost 400 public and private world-class institutions for Indian and international students to choose from. Each of these educational institutes offer hundreds of courses in English language

Study in Ireland

Instruction Framework, Par Excellence

A standout amongst the best instruction frameworks in Europe is from Ireland. Its structure is a noteworthy variable that has contributed to the fast rate of financial development Ireland has experienced, especially in last couple of decades. Obviously, the endeavors were not driven by famous Irish luck.

Study in Australia

Kaleidoscopic Higher Education Options

Australians are lively people. Their hearts are as large as the continent-country. And this quality extends to their education system too. Australia is one of the top favorite countries preferred by thousands of Indian and international students. An estimate suggests that about 100,000 Indian students are presently studying in Australia.

Study in New Zealand

It is unique.and it is super-advanced.

New Zealand – located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean – is an interesting country for many reasons. Its unique geography, biodiversity, climate, culture, politics and advanced market economy makes it one of the most sought-after countries for study abroad and for immigration. For an Indian student who wants to study in New Zealand, it is an inspirational country as well.

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