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Student Accommodation

Helping you find suitable housing options!

Looking for an accommodation?

Congratulations. You have decided to, or are closely considering to pursue your higher education and career aspirations in a college / university abroad. Here’s wishing you the best of success.

You would have to find a suitable housing option to stay during the tenure of your studies. Which is why you are on this page, aren’t you?

We know that choosing the right accommodation can be quite a task. Which is why we have laid the necessary information below – to help you in make an informed choice.


Ensure that you choose to live as close as possible to your college / university. You wouldn’t want to spend time and money traveling.

Figure out what are the types of travel options, how much time each one of it would take to ferry you to the college / university and how much do they cost.

Once you decide on the appropriate travel option, search if the local authorities issue student concession pass. Your college / university may help in this aspect.


You may want to live in a king’s castle, but ask yourself – and your parents – if you can afford it. Opt for a convenient and possibly a cozy housing option than a luxurious one.

You may want to consider shared accommodation. Why? Living with a person from another country, or even your own, can expand your thinking and outlook. Shared accommodation is also cheaper, comparatively speaking.

Contract Clarity

Read the contract thoroughly. Don’t miss even a single point. Remember, you are choosing a housing option ‘online’. It may, or may not, turn out to be the same. Although, the chances of it not being the same as advertised are slim.

Does it require a security deposit? Or do you have to pay rent in advance?

What if you do not like the home once you actually reach there? Or if you do not like the locality? Or perhaps you found a better option? Can you demand reimbursement of the security deposit / advance rent in such an instance? There is only one solution to these questions – Clarify the contract details well in advance, of course, before choosing one and making payment.

Community Centers

Once you have chosen a suitable housing option, scout for community centers nearby. It is advisable to visit a community center as and when possible to stay ‘rooted’ to your own culture and ethos in midst of distractions a foreign country may present.

Share your details with the community center manager, and share their details with your folks in India.

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Find the right accommodation for you!

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