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Your dream of studying abroad is packed with potential, and we’re here to add value every step of the way. Our specialized suite of services is tailored to provide you a seamless overseas education experience.
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Why Eleevate Overseas?

Navigate Your Study Abroad Journey Effortlessly With Our Comprehensive Services.

Navigating the complexities of preparing for an overseas education journey can be overwhelming. Recognizing these challenges, our organization is committed to offering a comprehensive suite of value-added services designed to support every facet of your study abroad adventure.

Our offerings include professional assistance with Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing, which is crucial for your application process, ensuring your aspirations and academic goals are communicated effectively. Furthermore, we extend our support to help you seamlessly transition into your new life abroad, including settling into your student accommodation, making it a home away from home.

Our dedication lies in being your steadfast partner throughout this journey, aiming to craft an unparalleled customer experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether it’s through pre-departure briefings, visa assistance, or cultural orientation sessions, our goal is to empower you with all the necessary tools and knowledge for a successful and enriching study abroad experience.

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Fee Remittance

Hassle-Free Fee Remittance for Study Abroad

Are you an aspiring international student or a supportive parent looking to navigate the complexities of fee remittance for global education? You’ve landed in the right place. Our service specializes in making your transition to study abroad as seamless as possible. Say goodbye to the stress of managing educational payments across borders.

Secure, swift, and straightforward – that’s our promise to you when it comes to fee remittance for your study abroad aspirations.

Competitive Exchange Rates

Get more value for your money with our favorable exchange rates.

Straightforward Process

Eliminate confusion with our user-friendly transaction system.

Fast Transactions

Don’t miss a deadline with our speedy and punctual processing.

Personalized Support

We’re here to assist every step of the way, from inquiry to successful payment.

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Air Tickets

Unlock Your Global Education Dreams: Fly with Confidence with Eleevate Overseas

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Eleevate Overseas, where your dream destinations become a reality, effortlessly. In a world where travel complexities can dampen the spirit of exploration, Eleevate Overseas ensures your adventure is safe, timely, and seamless. With Eleevate Overseas by your side, every step of your journey is covered:

Assistance with Booking Tickets

From choosing the perfect flight to securing tickets for you and your companions, our team makes the process smooth and straightforward.

Travel Advisory

Eliminate confusion with our user-friendly transaction system.

Rescheduling Travel Plans

Don’t miss a deadline with our speedy and punctual processing.

Evacuation & Repatriation

In the event of a medical emergency, count on us to ensure your safety and security.

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Success Stories

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Forex Card

Financial Flexibility and Security Awaits!

Gain financial flexibility abroad with a Forex card from our banking partners, keeping your money secure and usable in any currency.

With your educational adventure abroad, managing finances efficiently is paramount. Our Forex cards are custom-built for students like you, venturing into international academics. These cards offer a plethora of benefits, ensuring your focus remains on your studies rather than currency worries. Here’s why a Forex card is an indispensable tool for your overseas education:

Hassle-Free Transactions

Enjoy seamless and secure transactions in any local currency without the need for constant currency exchanges.

Cost-Effective Solution

Benefit from competitive exchange rates and avoid hefty transaction fees associated with international debit or credit cards.

Worldwide Acceptance

With universal acceptance, your Forex card is your ticket to a wide array of services, from tuition fee payments to daily expenses.

Instant Top-Up

Relatives back home can easily reload the card, ensuring you never run out of funds.

International Parcel Service

Unlock Your Global Education Dreams: Fly with Confidence with Eleevate Overseas

Get your essentials on time, every time. Our international parcel service is designed to keep overseas students connected with their families, ensuring you receive everything you need, regardless of the distance. Fast, reliable, and tailored to student needs, we bridge the gap between home and your study abroad adventure.

Efficiency and Reliability

Our trusted logistics partners ensure your parcels are delivered on time, every time, without fail, making distance seem irrelevant.


Competitive pricing models are designed specifically for students, ensuring that staying connected with your loved ones doesn’t break the bank.

Safety and Security

We prioritize the safe handling of your parcels, ensuring that your goods arrive in the same condition they were sent.

Global Network

Our extensive network covers destinations worldwide, ensuring that no matter where you’re studying, you can receive a little piece of home.

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