Scholastic Assessment Test - SAT

The SAT is a key standardized test for U.S. college admissions, testing math, reading, and writing to assess college readiness. Managed by the College Board, it helps evaluate candidates and opens educational opportunities by testing critical thinking and problem-solving skills vital for academic success.

SAT Overview

Unlock Your Dream Undergraduate Program at Top Universities with the SAT

Embarking on the journey to higher education abroad? The SAT Exam is your gateway to showcasing your readiness for undergraduate programs globally. Administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) on behalf of the College Board, the SAT is the key that opens doors to prestigious universities, evaluating your skills in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing & Language.

Whether you’re a high school junior or senior, taking the SAT could be the stepping stone to achieving your academic dreams. Not just in the USA, but many colleges around the world recognize the value of SAT scores in their admissions process. This standardized test ensures fairness and equality, providing every test-taker with the same opportunity to succeed.

Why SAT Matters?

The SAT plays a crucial role in college admissions, serving as a benchmark for academic readiness. It’s more than a test; it’s an opportunity to stand out and show colleges your dedication and aptitude for higher learning. Preparing for the SAT is preparing for your future.

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Test Formats & Results:

Test Durations

Total duration of the test, which includes all 3 modules, is 3 hours. Adding the optional essay extends the total test duration to 3 hours and 50 minutes, with the essay portion allowing for 50 minutes of focused writing time.

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