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PSW Visa – A Passport To Global Career Opportunities

The aspiration for higher education abroad stems from global career ambition. Students want to pursue excellence in global career growth as much as they want to achieve academic excellence. Naturally so. The world is more interconnected than ever, and this in turn fuels the ambitions.

While a small number of countries continue to pose strict post-study work visa restrictions on international students, the following countries are open to employ qualified bright and deserving students, provided they meet the respective country’s conditions.

United Kingdom

Studying in U.K. could attract lucrative PSW opportunities. Prior to 2019, graduates were permitted to stay only 4-6 months after completing their studies. However, the government relaxed the rules thereafter, allowing international students graduated from their higher education institution to stay up to two years. Students pursuing PHD can stay up to three years.

Subsequently, the stay could be extended by applying for employer-sponsored program with a TIER 2 visa. 


One of the main reasons many Indian students choose to study in the U.S. is for rewarding post-study work opportunities. It’d be noteworthy that the U.S. is one of the top countries to grant PSW visa to international students, many among them are Indian students. 

Students with F1 visa are eligible for Optional Practical Training, known as OPT, allowing them to be employed in their area of study specialisation for a period of one-year postgraduation. STEM graduates can work up to three years, provided they receive a special 24months extension after one year. 

The best part is, that students with H1B visa can work for up to three years, which could be extended to six years. 


PGWP – Canada’s post-graduation work permit allows graduates from recognized universities to work in the country. This professional experience could pave way for PR in Canada. Do note that the duration of work permit is directly related to the course duration. 

Two important aspects to take into account for PSW in Canada are:

  1. You won’t be eligible if you have been in Canada for less than 8 months
  2. You won’t be eligible if you have received GAC funding or have completed less than 50% of class credits


PSW in Australia is valid for students who have graduated, completed masters or doctorate in a recognized Australian educational institute for two, three and four years respectively.

Generally, PSW visas are preferentially given to those students who have specialised their study in a field of work high in demand.  So, if PSW in Australia is your objective to study in Australia, then be careful in selecting the study program.

New Zealand

Study in New Zealand for PSW opportunities could be a great decision for those interested in hospitality, tourism, food science, management and agriculture. 

Students are allowed to stay back up to 12 months after completion of their studies. The work permit is offered only to those who have a minimum qualification of level 4. It is valid for two years, depending on qualification, educational institute among other factors. 

As a parting note, it must be noted that obtaining PSW opportunity and visa is easier if the student has demonstrated academic excellence, especially in one of the important fields of host country. 

Your preferred country for PSW visa not listed in this blog? Need details about it? Get in touch with us. 

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