Study abroad in the UK.? These apps would make it more than okay​

Hurray! You are immigrating for higher education to a college of your choice in the U.K.

These must be some of the most exciting days of your life, no? The anticipation of living in a new country, its sights & sounds, making new friends, meeting new people, experiencing diverse cultures – so many things would be tickling your mind.

We are happy that your happy. Let’s ensure that this happiness and excitement is not dampened; least of all due to lack of important information, and ways to access it.

Information such as where are reasonably priced good restaurants located around the choice of your accommodation, how to access public transport systems, where to get the tickets to visit theatres and museums, which adventure and leisure activities could you indulge in.

Some of these apps could help you source fundamental services, entertainment, etc. that you may need while study abroad in the UK.

Happy Cow: This app tracks cafes and restaurants near you. It also displays the nearest local food markets and grocery stores. 

OpenTable: OpenTable works like Zomato / Swiggy. You could access many offers and discounts ordering from restaurants of your choice.

Flush: Relieving yourself and answering nature’s call in an unknown location could land you in embarrassing situation unless you have this app. It could help you locate nearest public restrooms. This app helps students identify reasonably priced hotels. Whether accommodating a relative or returning from a semester break, this app promises to meet students’ budget expectations. 

London Theatre: Gung Ho about rich theatre experience in the UK – especially in London – at affordable an price? London Theatre is the app for you. It even allows last minute ticket purchase.

National Trust: Unlock a world of discoveries across England, Wales and Northern Ireland by accessing information on more than 500 special places. Visit a host of events, talks and tours at some of the most historic places in the U.K. by accessing info through this app.

National Rail Inquiries: A must-have app for every student studying in the U.K. It tracks the trains, provides information on timetables, stations, etc. Your train journeys would be smoother with this app.

UK Bus Checker: Information on each and every of the 300,000 bus stops in the U.K. is covered by the app! Check the timings of buses, and make good use of a cool feature ‘the stop alert’ – it would wake you up at your destination if you doze off in the bus. 

All Trails: As the name suggests, this app delves information into activities such as walking, hiking, climbing, biking, and winter sports. Plan and go on a desired adventure by checking the reviews and photos posted by other adventurers.

We hope that these apps would come in handy while navigating your student life in the U.K. And while you are exploring this fine country, do not forget to keep your eyes on the target – academic excellence. Good luck!

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