Why is study in Ireland a good choice for higher education?

We are often asked, which is a better choice to study abroad – U.K. or Ireland? Our answer, in all honesty, is that these are two of the top international study abroad destinations, among others in Europe and elsewhere.

Our advice to students who have set their sight on one of these two countries, is this – consider your prospects and orientations before making a choice.

Yes, study in Ireland is a great study abroad destination for following reasons:
  1. Quality education and reputed institutes: Irish educational institutes have an exceptional instruction framework and standout as some of the best in the world. It’d be noteworthy to mention that this very framework has propelled Ireland in top rankings as one of the highest per-capita income nations.
  2. Wide range of top-grade study programs: Dubbed as European Silicon Valley, Ireland is a powerhouse for students who want to excel in ICT studies. And it is equally good at other specializations. Irish educational institutes cover a wide range of study programs, from Accounting & Finance, Marketing & Business Administration, Arts & culture to ICT, Fintech, Research, Emerging Applications among many others.
  3. High employer activity: Most Irish educational institutes deliver quality education with practical application of education at its core. This makes the global giants, with their European hubs in Ireland, such as Google, Seagate, Facebook, MSN, PayPal, etc. hungry for hiring the right and bright talent.
  4. Global career scope: Academic excellence from an Irish educational institute and a proven professional track-record from Ireland could literally open the door to global career opportunities. Both – Irish education and professional experience in Ireland – are considered in a positive light and are highly sought-after by global companies.
  5. Warm people: The Irish are a warm and interesting people. Nothing is ever linear or flatlined to them. Their welcome is warm, their smile is honest. You would rarely feel homesick when studying in Ireland.
  6. Culturally immersive: You’d discover beautiful contradictions in Ireland with uber-modern cityscapes and 30,000 magnificent castles. Some of its major cities are also home to a very diverse society. You’d find people from almost every major country in Ireland, making your study abroad experience an immersive one.

As a footnote, we would like to inform Indian students aspiring to study in Ireland that living expenses could be on a higher side, compared to other European countries such as Poland, France or Germany. As suggested at the beginning of this blog, do make comparative analysis from every angle to make an informed decision. 

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