Your reviews matter. Share them generously, and responsibly

Liked. Disliked. Hated it. 5-star rating, no-star rating. Pleasant behaviour, obnoxious demeanour.

Your honest reviews matter, a lot – to the ones you are reviewing, and the ones you are leaving a review for – the next consumer.

Let’s admit it, most of us go through the review thread of the service / product / brand before purchasing online or visiting the place physically. Well, we read reviews about Ola / Uber driver also before confirming the cab pick-up, don’t we?

These reviews come in handy even more so for people / students living or studying abroad. It’san unknown place and any information can help.


Most reviews are an experience of the person / service / brand. It’s a social proof of a good or bad service / product expectation. Would you choose to order from a restaurant, buy a brand of clothes or gadget, avail of personal care service that has 2-star rating? That’s how important and influential reviews are – a top-reason why you should never forget to rate someone / something.

Value for money

You may have liked the sunglasses – for example – bought from an online store. After using it for few weeks or so, did you find it worth your money? Yes? Great – go gung-ho and let everyone know the reason why. Don’t mince your words if it is cool but not worth.

Online reviews are important to keep brands and services honest. They must know, and be reminded time and again, that consumers cannot be taken for granted. They can make them, and break them!


Any service that requires a personali’ish contact, such as cabs, personal care, home care, paramedical care, courier, etc. must always be reviewed. This is one sure way of keeping the creeps away and to look after the safety of women, children and elderlies.

As a parting note, let’s remember that review is a personal experience, an honest opinion. Using our bias or prejudice on social medias to harm or attack someone’s credibility is not just stupid, but also could be harmful in the long term. And it’s called ‘bullying’.

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