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Study in Germany

Ranked #3 in the World as Most Attractive Study Destination!

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Not only the Germans have a great football team, they also have a world-class education system. Probably it is the reason why about two million students enroll in German universities, ranking # 3 as world’s most attractive study destination.

One of the other aspects that attracts so many students to Germany is low tuition fees. This represents an economic advantage over other countries, such as the U.K. and U.S.A. Additionally, Germany has a wonderful variety of universities with excellent academic level in every field of education.

Along with prestigious universities, Germany also offers excellent job opportunities, amazing landscapes and a very active cultural life. The study programs are flexible and perfectly adapted to match students’ needs.

Top Reasons to Study in Germany

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is a country rich in wealth and history. It is a place that stands out for its beautiful towns, castles, museums, and culture. It is also known for its beer and the automotive sector, which is why it is one of the economic engines of the continent and a significant generator of work.

Germany is one of the few destinations that offers free and quality university education for local and international students, which is an excellent opportunity for students to meet their academic and personal goals.

One of the most significant reasons to study in Germany is the academic level of universities and higher-level institutions. In Germany, around 400 institutes offer a high level of education. 6 of them are in the top 100 universities globally and 18 are on the list of the 200 best universities in the world.

The German education system is very demanding and competitive, bringing out the academic excellence in students.

Germany is an exciting and iconic country with an impressive history and culture. Living in the heart of Europe, students can explore / visit famous cities such as Paris, Berlin, and Madrid. These multi-dimensional experiences offers a unique perspective of the world.


German Universities Rank in Top 100


German Universities Rank in Top 200

With/Without IELTS

You can apply With/Without IELTS

No/Low Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees in Germany Institutes are low

1.5 Yrs PSWV

Get 1.5 Years Post-Study Work Visa*

English Programs

Bachelors/Masters programs taught in English

20 hr/week

You are also eligible for 20 hr/week part-time job opportunities*

Land of Engineering

Land of Engineering benchmark for the world.

Study in Germany

Things you would like to know about:

The Higher Education Institutions (H.E.I.) in Germany are divided into state and private institutions. Due to a high level of competition amongst the two, they offer top-quality programs at low tuition fees. German universities are rapidly gaining popularity for offering a large variety of programs. The ample number of choices makes it easier for students to select their course / career. Excellent syllabus and modern teaching methods make these universities one of the best choices for receiving quality education.

Universities in Germany offer of 2 intakes: Winter & Summer

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Higher education system in Germany comprises of five types of institutes. They are: Public Universities, Private Universities, Technical Universities, TU9 Universities & Community Colleges.

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Students need to clear all the subjects they have enrolled to obtain their degree. Canada offers 4 different types of degrees. They are; Diploma/Advance Diploma, Bachelors, Masters & Doctorate/PhD.

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Engineering and science studies in Germany are among the highest valued and best evaluated worldwide. Within this panorama of excellence, a small elite university group provides the best education students can receive. These are TU9, the nine leading TU or Technische Universität in the country. This consortium was founded on January 26, 2006, at TU Braunschweig, and its head office is located in Berlin.

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The first thing to know about the cost of studying in Germany is tuition fee. In Germany, this is relatively low compared to other countries, and in some universities it’s free. The state and government fund many German universities. Since October 2014, international students attending private universities are not charged any tuition fee. Additional ancillary costs are all that they need to bear.

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Germany is a vibrant country, rich in history and culture. They have been a significant contributor to global history. The fascinating mix of classic and modern, rural and urban offers an immersive experience to travelers and international students alike.

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German universities offer globally valued degrees, making students confident of facing challenges globally and promising high employability. International students at German universities can opt for the 18-month post-study permit to apply for jobs once they complete their education.

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Students must fulfil criteria mentioned below to be eligible for applying for admission in a Canadian university:

  1. Must be an Undergraduate: 10+2.
  2. Graduate: 16 years of education required.
  3. Minimum 3 years of Bachelors Degree to apply for Master’s program.

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