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The U.K. is fastest emerging study destinations for overseas education, and it has a legacy that spans over centuries. The University of Oxford, established in 1096 and the University of Cambridge are two examples. Other U.K. universities have continued on this path, evident from the fact that 18 of the world’s top 100 universities are in the U.K., attracting thousands of students and researchers every year.

Universities in the U.K. consistently occupy top spots in world university rankings, such as the Q.S. World Rankings, Times Higher Education Ranking and Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Being a world leader in many education areas, including engineering, science, business, management, law, finance, art and design, universities in the U.K. offer 5000+ courses to choose from.

Top Reasons to Study in UK

The legacy of U.K. education system has given the country 100 Nobel prize winning scientists and institutions – a feat only few countries enjoy. Degree obtained from a university in the U.K. is at par with the global best, opening up a host of world-class opportunities for students.

Every year 3,00,000+ students enrol in U.K. universities. These universities are known to enhance students’ skills, knowledge and critical thinking. They are a place to expand horizon and also to enjoy the experiences of a diverse culture.

These universities constantly re-invent and re-focus their curriculum, keeping pace with the global aspirations. This pushes students to excel in their career and accept changing & challenging environments gracefully.


Top Universities of the World are in the U.K.


Courses Offered by 395+ Universities in the U.K.


International Students study in the U.K. every year

Indian Community

Live & Study Amongst A Huge Presence Of Indians In The U.K.

2 Yrs PSWV

Get upto 2 Years of Post-Study Work Visa*


World's Oldest Universities are in the U.K.


Get Scholarship opportunities*

20 hr/week

Part-time job eligibility*

Study in UK

Things you would like to know about:

Education in the U.K. is covered under four territorial jurisdictions – England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. All of these regions have different forms of education systems, qualifications and individual laws / regulations. These regions have their own credit frameworks and qualifications. A qualification framework is the principal national reference point to maintain academic standards in higher education sector.

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The first thing on mind of Indian students would be how much it’d cost to study in the U.K.? It is a fair question and mentioned below is what the approximate break up of cost could be. But first let’s understand tuition fees.

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Irrespective of campus placements, degrees obtained from the U.K. opens up a whole world of career opportunities owing to high-quality education with specific skillsets, including critical and creative thinking the students receive.

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Home away from home. That is what studying and living in the U.K. could feel like, especially if you are residing in a neighborhood with NRI population. Even otherwise, there are many Indians spread across the U.K., so there would be no dearth of familiar faces, home-style food or cultural fondness. Speaking of culture, U.K. is the melting pot of diverse cultures. You’d come across from people from almost every corner of the world. Studying and living among them would help you develop outlooks and perspectives that’d drive you in leading a full life. You can make friends with them and visit the many pubs, music festivals and carnivals or take a road trip in the mesmerizing English countryside. Or may be visit one of the 20+ European countries during the semester break. Whether you fancy a group outing or a solo adventure trip to the castles and seaside, your life as a student in the U.K. would be a memory to cherish forever.

Students must fulfil criteria mentioned below to be eligible for applying for admission in a U.K. university:

  1. Must be an Undergraduate: 10+2
  2. Minimum 3 years of Bachelors Degree to apply for Master’s program
  3. Acceptable scores set by the universities for the entrance exams like SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT & TOEFL/IELTS/PTE
  4. Strong recommendation letters4
  5. Statement of purpose/personal statement, essays & resume
  6. Certificates of achievement & extra-curricular activity participation
  7. Sound financial background

Visa application follows once admission is secured. Students are required to satisfy the visa office on following in their interview:

  1. Your intentions to enter the U.K. are for educational purposes only.
  2. You have sufficient funds to cover your study and living costs in the U.K.
  3. You will leave by the end of the authorised period of this stay
  4. You will not breach the conditions of admission (e.g., you will not work without prior authorisation)


Edinburgh, London, Glasgow, Nottingham, Coventry and Birmingham are top-5 cities to live while studying in UK. There are many others as well. Connect with us to know more

The chance of securing scholarship grants from UK universities is promising for students who have a good academic background. We have secured more than 35,000 GBP in scholarship grants for our students. Connect with us to apply  

Yes, it could be. The country is going through a financial recession of sorts and it has made matters somewhat difficult for international students. But there is no cause for alarm. You can apply for scholarship to mitigate the cost of tuition fee, and also rest assured that degree earned from UK can get you global career opportunities.

A minimum IELTS band of 6 or higher is required to study in UK. Connect with us to secure 8+ IELTS band score

Yes. It is compulsory to have health insurance for the entire duration of study in UK. Additionally, if you have a tier-4 student visa and are studying in the UK for more than six months, then you could be eligible for NHS benefits.

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