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Actions 03 Infections 00

Actions: 3 - Infections: 0

Lessons. They’d be scoring the highest return on investment if a tangible value could be assigned to them. From the aspect of emotional well-being and developing confidence, the learnings earned during pandemic, and of pandemic, are of course invaluable. Especially for the ones seeking higher overseas education.

Once the initial hoopla about the virus settled and its aftermath was accepted, scores of students realized that they could use this time to their advantage. And they did.

Undergraduates and graduates in pursuit of higher overseas education and Masters / PHD respectively, donned their forward-thinking hats. The degree, curriculum, university, cost of living, the experience of a foreign land, its culture, people… they had their hands full, they figured most of it. All of it during the depressing pandemic. Pandemic? What pandemic?

Let us pick their brains. And see what are the top-3 things – or actions – students aspiring overseas education should cover while deciding on best overseas education options.

1. Passion and potential

Is it engineering or architecture? IT or infrastructure? Medical science and space science? Rewind your young life, relive the moments that inspired you, made you feel passionate. And gave the self-belief that this is what I want to do. Be practical as well. What drives you better, which subjects did you score higher?

Once you’ve got the basics in place, there is little or no chance to go wrong fundamentally.

2. Test your self

Okay. So you know you are a born rocket scientist. Or a Fintech coder. Perhaps a hotshot engineer. You have also covered this belief with your past and recent marks in respective subjects. Now test yourself. And be absolutely honest while you do so. Cheating here would be tantamount to cheating with your future.

How to test yourself? Go through the syllabus of some of the global top-3 / top-5 universities. Watch their videos. Go to YouTube. Take free online tests. See where you stand. And keep pushing ahead from there.

3. Share it with your folks

Admit it. You cannot take the flight on your own. You need the moral, emotional and financial support from your folks. Share what you figured out. Tell them how confident you are to, let’s say, study in Canada, France, U.K., Germany… or a country where your higher overseas education ambitions could be fulfilled.

The most common mistake many students make is to talk to their parents without a plan. Explain them in detail – right from the options of universities to the visa processes. And everything in between.

Make most of these lockdowns and this stuck-at-home time. Take positive actions. You’d be surprised how soon you can begin your pursuits of successful career via higher overseas education.