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Study in Poland

Quality education, affordable options

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Poland is one of the least expensive European countries to pursue higher education. This culturally rich East-European country has almost 400 public and private world-class institutions for Indian and international students to choose from.

Each of these educational institutes offer hundreds of courses in English language. The faculties and facilities are top-quality, the degrees are accepted globally. Studying in Poland can be a life-changing experience, and the best part is that it does not cost as much, compared to other top study abroad countries.

Top Reasons to Study in Poland

Poland’s universities date back to the 14th century, with the foundation of renowned Jagiellon University. Today, they outperform some of the well-respected American universities! The number of universities have quadrupled over the last few years and the number of students have increased five-fold. It offers an opportunity for students to receive quality education in a thriving academic environmentat at manageable cost.

Poland has fast become the destination of choice for the study of medicine. Other popular degrees include engineering, architecture and physics. Polish diplomas are recognised internationally, and continue to lead the global benchmark. All leading courses in Polish universities are conceived and taught in English language. The tuition fees are not high and the living costs are fairly low.

Poland being one of the 26 European countries covered under the SCHENGEN visa, students studying in the country are free to visit the 25 other European countries. These factors makes Poland one of the best overseas education destinations for international students with a limited budget.


Choose from over 400+ Public / Private Institutions

With/Without IELTS

You can apply With/Without IELTS

Low Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are low compared to major international destinations

English Programs

Bachelors/Masters programs taught in English

1 Yrs PSWV

Get Up to 1 Year of Post-Study Work Visa*


Get Scholarship / Sponsorship opportunities*

Full Time Work

Possibilities of working full time during your Masters*


Experience multi-culture environment

Study in Poland

Things you would like to know about:

There are about 400 HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in Poland. They are divided into state and private institutions. Due to a high level of competition amongst the two, they offer top quality programs at extremely low prices.

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Cost of studying in Poland, as you may have read on the main page, is perhaps the lowest in Europe. But its quality of education is at par with the top-global colleges and universities. However, do note that tuition fees of private universities could be more than that of public universities. And as it goes, the competition for admission in a public university is quite stiff.

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Poland presents a thriving job market for the right and bright candidate. While many students studying abroad are enamored by European countries such as the U.K., Germany, Ireland, France, etc. for post-study work, they fail to recognize career growth scope that Poland offers.

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European experience, albeit with a Polish twist! This is perhaps the best description about what could be expected by Indian students aspiring to study abroad in Poland.

Poland is situated at the geographical and cultural crossroads. It’s one of the oldest countries to be in; the largest of former Eastern European states and the most populated member of the European Union. The vibrant mix of European ethnicities makes it a wholesome environment to study and live in Poland.

The Polish people can be tough on the outside, but once you get to know them, they are some of the friendliest people on earth. Mind you they are notoriously famous for airing their views on current affairs and other conservative topics. Such discussions can generate invigorating and enjoyable spaces for young minds.

All in all, as an Indian student, study abroad in Poland could be a fantastic decision if you want to pursue academic excellence in a limited budget.

Students must fulfil criteria mentioned below to be eligible for applying for admission in a Polish university:

  1. Must be an Undergraduate: 10+2
  2. Minimum 3 years of Bachelors Degree to apply for Master’s program
  3. Strong recommendation letters
  4. Statement of purpose/personal statement, essays & resume
  5. Certificates of achievement & extra-curricular activity participation
  6. Sound financial background

Visa application follows once admission is secured. Students are required to satisfy the visa office on following in their interview:

  1. Your intentions to enter Poland are for educational purposes only
  2. You have sufficient funds to cover your study and living costs in Poland
  3. You will leave by the end of the authorised period of this stay
  4. You will not breach the conditions of admission (e.g., you will not work without prior authorisation)


Tuition fees in most Polish universities is lesser compared to universities of other countries. And so is the living cost. Overall, depending on the study program and university, study in Poland is economical.

As far as study goes, no. Universities offer study programs in English, the faculty is top-class and impart education in English language. It’d come in handy to know little bit of Polish in order to better communicate with locals when studying in Poland.

Yes. Poland is a safe place to study and live.

A minimum IELTS band of 5.5 or higher is required to study in Poland. Connect with us to secure 8+ IELTS band score

Yes, it is mandatory for students for their entire duration of stay in Poland.

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