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Study in New Zealand

It is unique. It is peaceful. And it is super-advanced.

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New Zealand – located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean – is an interesting country for many reasons. Its unique geography, biodiversity, climate, culture, politics and advanced market economy makes it one of the most sought-after countries for study abroad and for immigration.

For an Indian student who wants to study in New Zealand, it is an inspirational country as well.

New Zealand is probably one of the best, if not the best, English-speaking study abroad country that has a top-quality education system, advanced research facilities, renowned international faculty, and robust tech infrastructure.

This second safest country in the world, a place that has more sheep than humans, is presently an abode of higher education for thousands of Indian and international students.

Why Study In New Zealand?

There is not one or few reasons to choose New Zealand for graduation / post-graduation, but many. Warm and friendly people, top-notch facilities and coveted faculties, top-ranking universities and wideopen campuses, relatively low cost of living and a variety of student accommodation options, the list of reasons to study in New Zealand is very, very long.

First Country

In the world to have an international student well-being strategy


International students study in New Zealand

7th Rank

For highest performing graduates – ahead of U.S., U.K. and Canada

20 hrs/week

Part-time job opportunities

Top-10 Ranking

For creativity among 139 countries

Study Gap

Up to 10 years allowed - Students must give genuine reason for the gap


Get scholarship opportunities

3 yrs PSWV

Get up to 3 years post-study work visa

Study in New Zealand

Things you would like to know about:

New Zealand’s education system is one of the finest in the world. It is regulated by the New Zealand Qualification Framework (NZQF). Every college, university and educational institute abides by it.

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Tuition fees in New Zealand could range from economical to expensive, depending where the student is applying.

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New Zealand has an advanced market economy and enjoys top-50 global ranking, which means that almost every sector has a high demand for skilled professionals.

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Evidently, New Zealand is unlike any other study abroad destinations. The geographic location determines life and culture in this beautiful biodiverse country. And this stands true for the international student community as well.

The ‘feel’ of living New Zealand is a wonderful blend of modern, local and international. Students have plenty of options for leisure, sports and extra-curricular activities. Needless to say, there are more than plenty of places to explore, enjoy and be amazed of. 

After China, Indian students studying in New Zealand are the second largest in terms of student population. The university / college campuses host a diverse ethnicity of international students, giving great opportunities to learn from one another.  

One striking aspect about studying in New Zealand is the peace and abundance in its nature and people. While the New Zealanders are quite laid back, they are also fun-loving and outgoing people, willing to lend a helping hand. New Zealand may be far from home, but studying there could bring it closer to your heart.

Students must fulfil criteria mentioned below to be eligible for applying for admission in an New Zealand university:

  1. Must be an Undergraduate: 10+2.
  2. Minimum 3 years of Bachelors Degree to apply for Master’s program
  3. Acceptable scores set by the universities for TOEFL/IELTS/PTE
  4. Strong recommendation letters
  5. Statement of purpose/personal statement, essays & resume
  6. Certificates of achievement & extra-curricular activity participation
  7. Sound financial background

Visa application follows once admission is secured. Students are required to satisfy the visa office on following points in their interview:

  1. Your intentions to enter New Zealand are for educational purposes only
  2. You have sufficient funds to cover your study and living costs in New Zealand
  3. You will leave by the end of authorized period of this stay
  4. You will not breach the conditions of admission (e.g., you will not work without prior authorization)


Hamilton, Palmerston North, Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland have the most population of Indian and international students. Most universities are centered around these locations.

Yes, it is possible through Pathway Student Visa. It supports up to three study programs pursued consecutively, with one or more accredited education provider for a five-year period.

New Zealand universities do offer scholarship grants on a case-to-case basis. Connect with us to know more

A minimum IELTS band of 6 or higher is required to study in New Zealand. Connect with us to secure 8+ IELTS band score

Indian and international students who want to study in New Zealand can choose either a public healthcare option or a private healthcare option. The cost would depend on the healthcare plan chosen.

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