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Instruction Framework, Par Excellence

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A standout amongst the best instruction frameworks in Europe is from Ireland. Its structure is a noteworthy variable that has contributed to the fast rate of financial development Ireland has experienced, especially in last couple of decades. Obviously, the endeavors were not driven by famous Irish luck.

Being an English-speaking nation, Indian students studying in Ireland find it easy to speak and mingle with local people. One of the most secure in European nation, Ireland – like India – is a country of youthful exuberance. 40% of Irish are in the age-group of 25 or younger making it one of the most preferred overseas education destinations.

Top Reasons to Study in Ireland

The Irish are probably the most joyful folks you’ll meet. Regardless of whether you’re at a throwing match, at the bar or getting a charge out of a spring show in the recreation center, everybody is in for a giggle and a good time. Being a global citizen will make you feel more invited as the Irish love to share their chuckles and stories to guests. That’s a quick summation of the Irish lifestyle.

Education in Ireland is as qualitative as its way of life. It is the most preferred study abroad country for ICT programs. Other study programs in the fields of pharmaceuticals, science, and innovation offered by colleges in Ireland are also quite popoular.

Accreditation earned from Irish colleges are accepted globally. Moreover, whether a student studying in Ireland completes a semester, a year, or more; the credits are valid for exchange at several colleges globally!

Ranks 20th

in the world in Education Standards


Courses to choose from

6 Band in IELTS

Apply with 6 Band in IELTS for faster processing

PR Opportunities

The Country provides high PR Opportunities*

2 Yrs PSWV

Get upto 2 Years of Post-Study Work Visa*

English is Primary Language

Only Country in Europe where English is the Primary Language besides Gaelic

Ranks 4th in World GDP

4th in the world in per capita GDP and 10th in the world in average individual income

Home To Tech Leaders

Home To Leading Global MNCs like Google, Apple, Facebook and many more...

Study in Ireland

Things you would like to know about:

The Irish education framework is a standout amongst the best in Europe (positioned among the best 20 for its advanced education framework by the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook in 2014.) It has close connections to industry and is a reflection of inventiveness, adaptability, and practicality.

Click here to learn more about types of Irish educational institutes, degrees they offer and study intakes

Studying in Ireland allows Indian students to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. On an average, the cost of living in Ireland could be between EUR 650 – EUR 1,000 a month – including cost for rent, utilities, food, travel, mobile connectivity, clothes, misc., etc.

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Being one of the fastest growing economies in European Union, studying in Ireland is a fantastic choice for those with high-flying career ambitions.

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Social life can be expensive in Ireland. Picking the right mix of social activities, and scouting places well in advance could be the way to have fun while going easy on the pocket.

Both, indoor and outdoor life in Ireland is a fantastic country. There are pubs, bars, sporting centers, places to explore art and architecture, scientific avenues, sparse and open landscapes in the country-side. Ireland, simply put, is modern yet majestic.

Students must fulfil criteria mentioned below to be eligible for applying for admission in an Irish university:

  1. Must be an Undergraduate: 10+2
  2. Minimum 3 years of Bachelors Degree to apply for Master’s program
  3. Acceptable scores set by the universities for the entrance exams like SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT & TOEFL/IELTS/PTE
  4. Strong recommendation letters4
  5. Statement of purpose/personal statement, essays & resume
  6. Certificates of achievement & extra-curricular activity participation
  7. Sound financial background

Visa application follows once admission is secured. Students are required to satisfy the visa office on following in their interview:

  1. Your intentions to enter Ireland are for educational purposes only
  2. You have sufficient funds to cover your study and living costs in Ireland
  3. You will leave by the end of the authorised period of this stay
  4. You will not breach the conditions of admission (e.g., you will not work without prior authorisation)


Objectively speaking, living cost in Ireland is slightly higher. University tuition fee would depend on the choice of study program, but yes, studying in Ireland is higher compared to let’s say, Poland or France.

Ireland is a leading study abroad country for ICT, Data Science and Fintech. Other study programs such as Business Management, Economics, etc. are also top-class. Students pursuing ICT programs and achieving good grades have a fair chance of getting post-study work / campus placements

Indian students can apply for scholarship at Irish universities. Their chances would depend on academics and the university they choose to apply. Connect with us to know more

A minimum IELTS band of 6 or higher is required to study in Ireland. Connect with us to secure 8+ IELTS band score

Yes. It is compulsory to have health insurance for the entire duration of study in Ireland.

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