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Top Study Abroad Destinations​

Studying abroad is once in a lifetime opportunity that every student so look forward too. It can be the most rewarding decision a person makes, as it can benefit you beyond your imagination and expectations. It offers a unique opportunity to discover diverse cultures, make lifelong relationships and connections, and also gain an educational degree that goes a long way in holistic development.

Below are the top study abroad destinations in the world;

Study in USA

The land of options and opportunities


Top Universities of the world are in the U.S.A.


Public/Private Universities to choose from


S.T.E.M. Programs to choose from

Study in UK

The Most Distinguished Education Society


Top Universities of the World are in the U.K.


Courses Offered by 395+ Universities in the U.K.

2 Yrs PSWV

Get upto 2 Years of Post-Study Work Visa*

Study in Canada

Quality Education, Quality Life


Canadian Universities rank amongst the top 50 in the world

6.5 Band

Apply with 6.5 Band IELTS for faster processing

PR Opportunities

The Country with the Highest PR Opportunities*

Study in Australia

Continent. Country. Kaleidoscopic Higher Education Options


Global Universities are in Australia

Study Gap

Of 1 year allowed - Students must give genuine reason for the gap

3 Yrs PSWV

Get up to 3 years post-study work visa

Study in New Zealand

It is unique. It is peaceful. And it is super-advanced.​

First Country

In the world to have an international student well-being strategy


You can apply With/Without IELTS

7th Rank

For highest performing graduates – ahead of U.S., U.K. and Canada

Study in France

Quality Education, Diversified Culture


Choose from 3,500+ Universities

With/Without IELTS

You can apply With/Without IELTS

English Programs

Bachelors/Masters programs taught in English

Study in Ireland

Quality Education, Quality Life

Ranks 20th

in the world in Education Standards

5000+ 6.5 Band

Courses to choose from

Home To Tech Leaders

Home To Leading Global MNCs like Google, Apple, Facebook and Many More.

Study in Germany

Quality Education, Diversified Culture


German Universities Rank in Top 200

With/Without IELTS

You can apply With/Without IELTS

English Programs

Bachelors/Masters programs taught in English

Study in Poland

Quality Education, Affordable Option


Choose from over 400+ Public / Private Institutions

With/Without IELTS

You can apply With/Without IELTS

Low Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are low compared to major international destinations

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