Global Campus Cities: Where Education Meets Opportunity​

Pursuing higher education in a top study abroad country has its perks. Opting to study in a college / university located in one of the highest ranked global student cities, even more so. 

There’s a misconception that studying and living in a top global student city would be expensive. Far from the truth. 

Studying and living expenses are related to the college / university tuition fees, choice of accommodation and lifestyle. Here is a list of top global student cities, many of which are budget-friendly.


A melting pot of cultures from across the world, studying in London, or in its vicinity, is a dream of many international students. It isn’t wonder then, that of all students studying in U.K., one-third among them study and live in London – ranked the best global student city!  

While this modern yet aristocratic city could be expensive to study and live, getting a post-study work opportunity here could well set off the living cost in long term. 

London is home to 18 impressive universities, with 2 ranked in global top 10 – Imperial College, London (ranked 6th) and University College London (ranked 9th).

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Ranked as fourth best study abroad global city, Melbourne attracts thousands of Indian students aspiring for quality higher education. As far as diverse student communities go, Melbourne is perhaps one of the best in the category; another reason why Indian students prefer Melbourne to study in Australia.  

This uber-modern and cosmopolitan city is also a great place for bright and deserving students to avail post-study opportunity as many Australian and multinational companies operate from here. Choosing to study in Melbourne could be a life changing decision.  


Surpassing Berlin in top global student cities ranking, Munich is as affordable as it is attractive. Known for its lower living costs compared to other European student cities, the quality of life, transportation and educational institutes is par excellence. 

What’s more is that employer activity in Munich is quite high, making this magnificent city a desirable place to study in Germany. 


The glamor of Paris has attracted and fascinated many students since years. But there is more than meets the eye with Paris. 

It is home to 9 QS ranked world universities, contributing in the areas of economy, research, political science, arts, culture, fashion, emerging applications and technology among many others. And surprisingly enough, studying in France is economical, plus

Indian students can have up to five years of post-study work opportunity. Viva la France! 


The second Australian city to rank in top global student cities, Sydney gives Melbourne a tough competition in terms of quality of education, student desirability and attractiveness. 

Occupying seventh rank, Sydney has excellent reputation with graduates due to a very high employer activity. It is often said that students studying in Australia – Sydney are transformed into global citizens.

In terms of affordability, living in Sydney could be a touch expensive, but again, the costs could easily be offset with part-time and post-study work opportunities. 


Another Germany city occupies the top global student cities due to its low living expenses, high employer activity and student-friendly systems.

Indian students aspiring to study in Germany – Berlin have access to both; a modern lifestyle, and traditional German landscapes and culture. 


Think Boston, and immediately MIT and Harvard University come to mind. This leading U.S. student city is also one of the top global student cities. 

A strong academic reputation, research and student-centric policies of the city’s fine educational institutes is second to none. Some say that studying in one of the institutes located in Boston could be quite intimidating, but for the deserving student, it is an invitation. 

Studying in U.S. – Boston is a golden ticket to global career opportunities. 

Admittedly, these are the top global student cities, but other cities such as Dublin, Toronto, Ontario, California, Warsaw, Nice, etc. are also at par with the best. 

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